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Repair and optimize files for 3D printing
or build advanced file processing workflows

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Print your model in full-color resin with
outstanding smooth finishing!

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Share your creations with the community without worrying about printability!
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3D Print Model


Repair 3D models
with quality and fast

Leverage the most advanced 3D file repairing technology on the market to convert your most challenging files into a print-ready format with ease and speed, don't waste more of your valuable time on file preparation and fixing, let our technology do the job instead.

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more than 100 Components*



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Repair Your 3D
Model In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

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We accept 15+ 3D file formats and accepts files up to 200MB. We created direct plugins for Sketchup, Blender, and Thingiverse that zap your files directly to your MakePrintable account.

Step 2

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Your model will go through the Analysis process, and a viewer will showcase the 3D printability issues of your model, along with stats on common printing issues like boundary edges, non-manifolds, flipped faces, solidity, and wall thickness problems.

Step 3

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Our repair process rebuilds the mesh of your model optimizing it for 3D printing, and removing all issues. The repair takes place on cloud servers at fastest speeds, with most accurate detail. A before and after will show you the results of the improved model.

Step 4

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Pick from various 3D formats to download your file. Obj, STL, 3MF, Gcode, and SVG. You can slice your repaired model using Slic3r, or Print directly through our printing service. Your model will be stored in my model section for future needs.

Create advanced file processing workflows

Using our node based editor you will be able to create advanced file processing workflows to optimize, modify or process your files whether you want to customize the file repairing process, or to pack models on your printer's build plate, workflows got you all covered.

create your own workflow

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Workflows Guid Cicle

Constantly adding new features to optimize your process

Our list of nodes is continuously expanding to make sure you are able to build the right workflow that solves your industry's challenges and fits needs.

3D Repair Settings
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3D Analyzer And

In-depth analysis of your 3D model's printability and a highlight of problematic areas inside of our viewer to help you understand your model's challenges before printing.
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Wall Thickness
Adjustment Tool

Advanced wall thickness adjustment that is unmatched by the industry, easily adjust thin walls and let our fixer detect and thicken thin areas for you automatically.
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3D Model

Repairing your most complicated 3D files is a one-click process with MakePrintable! don't worry about how complex your files are as we will take care of it with ease.


High Resolution, Affordable, Full-Color resin 3D Printing.

Print your 3D models using Makeprintable’s new 3D printing service. We offer the highest quality and finishing in the industry with the best prices guaranteed.

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Tron 3D Model

Print Your 3D
Model in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

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Upload or import your 3D model and texture files

Step 2

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Select finish and size

Select your order settings whether to print in full color or a single color and select the print size before you checkout.

Step 3

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Once checkout is completed, we’ll 3D print your model using our advanced 3D print technology to ensure the highest quality.

Step 4

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Once your 3D Model is printed. we’ll ship it to your doorstep.


Share your 3D models with the community!

Share your amazing creations with the community without worrying about printability, our technology will ensure every file shared is printable so that you can focus on the design and we will take care of the rest.

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Are you a developer? Use MakePrintable APIs

MakePrintable APIs allow you to build applications that leverage 3D printing with ease and whether you are looking for file repair, 3D model manipulation or even 3D printing we got you all covered using our robust set of APIs

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