11 reasons to use MakePrintable
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1. Free Plan

MakePrintable offers a free plan. You can get 3 downloads and 10 repairs a month and more when you refer your friends.

2. Fully Automated

The process of repairing files is fully automated. No Manual, laborious efforts required. Minimal configuration involved and the site is very intuitive with viewers that allow you to see a before and after of your model.

3. Speed

We repair models using extremely high-speed servers. It will take a few minutes to repair a file. Instead of manually doing so, which could take a couple of days, and headaches.

4. Runs on the cloud

You can access your file from anywhere. You can use any operating system Mac, Windows, Linux and your computer doesn’t have to have a powerful processor. Also, use MakePrintable’s my model’s section as a storage hub, keep your files stored in your account.

5. Features

MakePrintable offers a wide variety of Features which include 3D model Viewing and Analysis, Repairing, Converting, 3D Printing Optimisation, and Wall thickness adjustment tool. 

6. Customer Support

We have a team of 3D printing experts that can help with repairing any model and answer any question related to 3D printing.

Mo Taslaq CEO: “We will leave no model unprintable”

7. Plugins

Plugins speed up the process of sending models to your MakePrintable account. We have three plugins Blender, Sketchup and Cura

Ps if you use Thingiverse we have a MakePrintable App inside Thingiverse.


8.Search Thingiverse through MakePrintable

Get any 3D model from Thingiverse inside MakePrintable.

9. Privacy

MakePrintable offers a secure option that will encrypt the model and it will be deleted from the server the minute it’s downloaded. Our team can’t access the secure file.

10. Labs Section

It’s a place you can find many new experimental features.


11. Ease of use

You don’t have to be a designer or engineer to repair your models. The interface is very simple and intuitive.

Bonus tip

Repair big files: you can upload up to a 200mb zip file. No other similar services can handle that file size.


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