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3D Model Fix Case: Boundary Edge

You can see here that the 3D Model is formed by different components placed over each other, resulting in intersecting geometries, and exposed boundary edges.

MakePrintable fixes those issues by detecting and connecting boundary edges to fill any missing geometry to insure the model’s solidity, and removing excess geometry which will not be visible in the printed result and would affect the G-Code generation if not render it impossible to print.

All while preserving the visible details of the original model, in order to achieve clean, high-detailed, and solid prints.

Boundary Edge

3D Model Fix Case: Non-Manifold

In this case, the original mesh has non-manifold edges caused by intersecting triangles and vertices falsely placed in the middle of an edge that is not connected to the vertex, those cases can be handled manually using 3D editing software, unless if they occur in broad and high-detailed areas, which would make it a long -if not impossible- task.

MakePrintable can fix those cases as its fixer process recreates the mesh triangulation after collecting all the detail data to insure the original model’s details are preserved, all in the matter of minutes, and automatically.

3d model Non-Manifold

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