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Case Study #1: Large Custom Models Studio: AllOnScale
July 2017

Tell us more about your company?

YOU NAME IT, WE SCALE IT! Since 2003, AllOnScale supply and repair individually made scale models of a wide range of our customers’ products. Traditionally we are strong in the shipping industry and still produce a large number of ship models ranging from offshore vessels to super yachts. But with long experience in modern 3D-printing, traditional handcraft and mold building we can turn any of your imaginations into reality.

What type of work do you do with 3D printing?

Next, to the hand build scale models we also produce high-quality scale models using our own 3D-systems Projet5000. This was the only printer for us that can rival our hand built models. We prepare, print and post process in-house. All models are then painted in the correct colors and are delivered with a nice base plate, nameplate, and acrylic dust cover.

High Detailed 3D model

What type of models are you repairing?

We get a large range of data from our customers that vary in quality and completeness. Sometimes we print complete models but sometimes it’s better to break them down and print separate parts for speed or ease of airbrushing later on.

3D Printed Mini Ship

Where do you fit in MakePrintable in your 3D printing workflow?

After deciding what parts to print they are uploaded and fixed with MakePrintable. The experience has been great and complex models have been fixed with ease. It’s a great advantage to not need to have the computing power in-house. MakePrintable has fixed models that other software’s failed to fix. Projet 5000 is one of the most detailed printers in the world the fixed models need to be smooth otherwise it will show up in the print directly.



Before & After Repair

The original model had :
373 Non-manifold edges
1079 Boundary edges
Flipped faces
Wall thickness issues

 What challenges do you have in 3D printing, and how does MakePrintable solve them?

Making complex CAD models printable is always a challenge. We sometimes get constructional models containing thousands of parts. We run the best printer in the business that is capable of printing fine detail and sharp edges. “Shrink wrapping” parts in other software’s required a lot of computing power and ended up in rounded corners and loss of detail. With MakePrintable we don’t need strong computers and can do other things while the file is being fixed.

Rene with a 3D printer


René le Grand
AllOnScale – Professional Scale Models BV









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