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3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) has come a long way over the last several years and is still in infancy stages compared to where the technology can take the world one day. However, we have seen a major shift in the number of different industries that have adopted 3D printing as it’s not only used for plastics and metals anymore. Now the medical field, apparel, and food, just to name a few, have also started incorporating 3D printers into their daily business routines. But the possibilities are truly endless as to which industry, sector or material can be used with this technology.

That being said, there is still a large educational gap between a small portion of the population that uses and knows about 3D printers and the majority that still need to be taught of their existence. As well, certain printing techniques and technologies are still not mainstream, and there is much interchanging going on in the 3D printer industry. This is not unique to this type of technology as every major technological innovation has gone through this exact experience.

To mitigate this gap, there need to be some groups in place that not only help interchange information from 3D printer enthusiasts and businesses but also teaching consumers at the same time. There does exist social media groups, industry events and so forth, but in this day in age, everyone likes to communicate from the convenience of their home. For example, is a website that not only educates the public about 3D printers, it also is a place where businesses and enthusiasts can mingle. Sharing ideas can be done in three different ways. Firstly, there is a picture gallery where users can upload their images to have critiqued by others. Secondly there is a news information section where people can keep up to date with industry advances, and finally, there is a forum that can be used for questions of all sorts. In the end, the goal here is to bring a still early and expensive technology to one place and have all business professionals and individuals work together towards pushing the technology throughout the world.


Giacomo Grassi

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