Lovely 3D printed Arcade Controller.
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Another week went by in 3D printing and we saw new shape memory 3D printed parts, have a great video on 3D printing and IOT and are all keenly awaiting the new Ultimaker 3.


3D Printables of the Week

Combining Brio and 3D printing.

Combining Brio and 3D printing.

A perch four your glasses on top of your Mac. The Amazing Gyroscope Cube gears can really show people what a printer can do. Print Brio wooden train compatible things! Of course you’re a Boca Juniors fan? Well 3D print their logo. This looks like a fun experiment and activity for young kids, using a 3D print to grow cress in. Want to subtly tell people the evening is over? This Raven Skull bottle top should do the trick. With bigger machines and more experience come larger objects such as this small table. A Halloween themed table, will we all make holiday themed furniture in the future? A really good looking arcade controller box.

Raven Skull wine bottle top

Raven Skull wine bottle top.

Lovely 3D printed Arcade Controller.

Lovely 3D printed Arcade Controller.

Can’t get enough of Westworld? Print your own Sheriff’s badge. A Walnut cracker and a super cute fridge magnet. A porron is a Spanish wine pitcher and this is a lovely example of a 3D printed one.

3D Printing Patents

Many teams around the world are trying to 3D print cartilage, issues with cartilage will affect 70% of people over 70 so this is a huge potential application area for 3D printing. This patent deals with repairing cartilage using 3D printing, the patent is by Columbia University and seems to be a blanket patent to cover the entire 3D printing of stem sells for cartilage.

Tundra Composites has a 3D printing patent on using metal powders in plastics for 3D printing. The coating of the metal particles, “can result in an inorganic polymer composite with high particle packing fractions and viscoelastic properties, such as melt flow, that can be readily formed into a useful product via additive manufacturing and/or sintering.”

Massivit has a patent for using multiple tool heads at once in a 3D printer, something Prusa and BCN printers do already.

3D Printing Research

A lot of people can already listen to their 3D printer and find out what is wrong with it. This paper focuses on doing this for FDM, “the original AE waveform signals are first simplified as AE hits, and then segmental and principal component analyses are applied to further reduce the data size and computational cost. From AE hits, the hidden semi-Markov model (HSMM) is applied to identify the machine states, including both normal and abnormal ones.”

How does one 3D print with materials found in space? This paper takes a look at that.

This paper discusses how a team from India designed a $380 FDM machine.

The different states of the Slovenian team's shape memory 3D prints.

The different states of the Slovenian team’s shape memory 3D prints.

This Slovenian team created 3D printable parts, “Their thermal shape memory anisotropy is imprinted by curing in external magnetic field, providing for conventional moulding of macroscopically sized soft, thermomechanically active elastic objects of general shapes. The binary soft-soft composition of isotropic elastomer matrix, filled with freeze-fracture-fabricated, oriented liquid crystal elastomer microparticles as colloidal inclusions, allows for fine-tuning of thermal morphing behaviour.” So soft parts whose shape memory properties can be anticipated and directed.

3D Printing Images and Video

Adding color to a 3D printed part using a Sharpie.

Adding color to a 3D printed part using a Sharpie.

An example of Sharpie 3D printing where color is added to the 3D print using a sharpie on the filament.

Ultimaker has been teasing everyone with their new Ultimaker 3 due to come out soon. Support material? What else will it have? This is huge news for our industry and we can’t wait to find out what they’ve developed.

The Ability 3D is a 3D printer that prints welding wire. They took a MIG welder and married it to a printer.

3D Printed Smart devices? Embeddable sensors? Yes Please.

Schneider Electric is using Stratasys machines to speed up their time to market.


What the Muggles are talking about.

TechCrunch is talking about XYZ’s new $249 3D printer for schools. A new low price point should make 3D printing more widely available!

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