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The big news this week is that Ultimaker has launched their Ultimaker 3 3D printer. MakePrintable has the first hands on look at the Ultimaker 3 for you. Besides that we have collated and sifted through all the goings on and found the most interesting and relevant things in 3D printing for you.

3D Printables of the Week

Can you guess who this is meant to represent?

Can you guess who this is meant to represent?

If you start now you just might get this dual extrusion Pumpkin ready for Halloween. I do not know what a Pokemon Magemite is but someone made a life sized one. Anticipating the needs of Ultimaker 3 buyers Arjan has made a Core case for Ultimaker 3 even before the printer has hit the shops. I do not know what Pinsent is but it seems to be a board upon which you can pin 3D printed shapes. Or it could be a game where you use lots of 3D printed shapes to give people a clue of a particular movie or event? Kind of a 3D printed Pictionary. Any ideas?

A new arm for your Ray Ban's.

A new arm for your Ray Ban’s.

Are your RayBan’s broken? 3D print a replacement arm for them. Someone managed to make a working CoreXY 3D printer using only a saw and a drill. A 3D Printed interface for my Mic a Rode.

Mic Stand interface.

Mic Stand interface.

3D Printing Patents

A technical drawing of LG's spray 3D printing technology

A technical drawing of LG’s spray 3D printing technology.

LG has patented its very own 3D printing technology. Here is another LG 3D printing patent. The technology seems to be a spay based deposition technology and it would shake things up a bit if such a large company joined our market.

German company Voxeljet has a patent that details a combination of sintering by using slip (or slurry) type materials including energy absorbing materials. A build platform is coated in slurry, a liquid binder is then applied and then energy is applied.

3D Printing Research

Important and very useful paper by NIST in particle size variation in Selective Laser Sintering.

This paper looks at sterilizing ABS FDM parts and the effects that this will have on the part.

Tissue is very complicated and printing it is likely to be a multi-step process of different materials, this paper looks at using a pipette type 3D printer to embed substances in scaffolds.

Dissolvable metal support for metal 3D printing.

MakePrintable News

We created a special Halloween bow tie for you to 3D print.

3D Printing Images and video

Bill Nye the Science Guy thinks 3D printing is great. He talks of a future in Additive Manufacturing in many materials.

I would love for someone to tell us what this is because it seems to be a 3D printed engine demo of some sort, looks very intriguing.

A video showing you the Matsuura Advance Metal Hybrid 3D Printing system.

A video detailing how a man gets a 3D printed prosthetic and plays the violin with it.

Just touch it, just feel it, the Furry Vase.

Information is not entirely accurate but a great animation.

What the muggles are talking about..

Curbed looks at a mini 3D printed map of Tokyo.

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