The popular Low Poly Pokemon by Flowalistik.
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Flowalistik's Low Poly Pokemon

Flowalistik’s Low Poly Pikachu, one of the most printed models in the world!

The coolest thing you can be doing in 3D printing this week is funding Flowalistik. He is one of the most exciting and fun designers in 3D printing and shares all of his stuff open source.

The popular Low Poly Pokemon by Flowalistik.

The popular Low Poly Pokemon by Flowalistik.

You can check out all of his amazing stuff here but you’ve probably seen or even printed it out before. You can help fund him and make many more amazing things get designed and shared here.



Lampe by Flowalistik

Lampe by Flowalistik

3D Printables of the Week

3D Printing, totally super useful.

3D Printing, totally super useful.

Want to 3D print the Louvre? Now you can. Or how about an automated Nerf turret? Or a dual extrusion Question block? Or a handy camera lens cap holder to attach a Canon cap to your strap? Or a handy solution to hang your rolls of filament?



3D Printing Patents

This Chinese patent discloses additives for PVA to make it easier to work with as a 3D printing support material at room temperature.

This Patent discloses using a toughening agent to make stronger PLA.

This patent is either a better way to slice files or an attempt at patenting slicing for 3D printing.

3D Printing Research

A 3D printed robot cephalopod? Yes please.

This article delves into the history and implications of 3D printing.

Want to design and 3D print your own Hydrogels? This article is a great jumping off point.

3D Printing Images and video

One of the mayor stories this week was how a 3D printed heart on a chip at Harvard could have a significant impact.

ASME has a series of lectures online about 3D printing that provide insight into AM design.

Cooling fans are very important to 3D printing but their effects are often not understood, this video talks about the different cooling fans and their effects. Must watch if you have a desktop 3D printer. Specifically if you’re looking at getting better results with PLA.

Reuters is talking about how 3D scanning and printing are used to preserve Syrian historical sites.


What the muggles are talking about...

A 3D printed beak leads to a goose love story.

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