A printed Bonsai Planter, black.
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Another week in 3D printing and we’re seeing the emergence of a Philips Lighting patent for 3D printing, using 3D Printing and AR for surgery, a beautiful Catan board and 3D printing metallic glasses.

Printables of the Week

A printed Bonsai Planter, black.

A printed Bonsai Planter.

M.U.L.E boardgame boxes, a teleporter bracelet (which probably won’t actually teleport you) and a gorgeous bonsai flower pot. This Furry Vase is actually quite groundbreaking, it feels like a new object and a new way of making things. Ever wanted to control your steppers wirelessly? Now’s your chance. And just in time for Halloween a ghost bracelet.

3D Printing Patents 

Philips Lighting has a patent for 3D printing optics the technology references the LUXEXCEL patent for 3D printing but seems to be a new invention. If Philips would want to make its very own LED arrays or optics than this could have implications for the LED market and beyond. The patent deals specifically with acrylates and silicone and we’re wondering what they wish to print with that, do you know?

Airbus has yet another 3D printing patent this one for mixing materials for Sintering.

This patent provides for small micro motors to control the print head. Seems like a bit of a sneaky one to us.

3D Printing Research.

Nasa has an paper detailing how it processes and uses Imide resin. NASA has been doing a lot of 3D printing research over the years into EBM and other technologies. The interesting thing is that here they’re trying to 3D print a thermoset resin using selective laser sintering. Usually polyamide powders are used in SLS. NASA is looking for higher heat deflection temperatures to use in space applications and this is a really novel approach by them.

Cold Spray technologies have been in use for many years but are not that well talked about and in the media often. This paper details how Cold Spray is used in the defense industry.

The University of Warsaw is trying to use a Selective Laser Melting machine to sinter metallic glasses. The team used a Realizer to melt Kuamet52 Fe-Si-B-Cr-C metallic glass powder. This could open a myriad of new applications for 3D printing.

Michigan Tech continues its pioneering work in this case with the development of a low cost GMAW metal printer. Gas Metal Arc Weld 3D printing type processes are available already in various forms but are either a $1 million or more stand alone unit from Sciaky or others or a add on to an existing industrial CNC machine. To develop this technology with low costs in mind and to have it successfully print steel and aluminium is an achievement. So will you have a metal arc welding printer on your desktop?

3D Printing Images & Video.

A beautiful and well made 3D printed Catan board.

A really good looking 3d printing Catan board.

A really good looking Catan board.

Josef Prusa is responsible for some of the most popular desktop 3D printers in use today and now has shown us quad extrusion in this clear video. Also for some reason we can’t get the song out of our heads now.

3D Printing and AR, for surgery?

MarkForged released the new MarkForged X, here it is at work.

Thermwood one of the oldest CNC Router companies in the US has added 3D printing to their routers.

A 3D printed Nando Robot.

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