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3D Printing News

Forbes interviews the founders of 3Doodler, the Kickstarter 3D printing pen company is reportedly doing $20 million in revenue. There is a lot of competition in 3D printing pens at the moment but they continue to sell. Are 3D printing pens the gateway drug to 3D printing? Or will they just be a fad and fade away? We have a few 3Doodler’s and play with them and they’re fun. It would be great to see what a true artist would do with them.

The Apis Cor 3D printer in action extruding concrete.

The Apis Cor 3D printer in action extruding concrete.

Apis Cor reportedly 3D prints a house in 24 hours for $10,000. Most 3D printed house press releases and companies are figments of the imagination or something closer to fraud. This seems solid and the team has optimized the design for 3D printing. In this case their shape is very logical and will make it a straightforward print. The optimization of the design is very good. Hopefully Apis Cor will turn out to be the real thing.

The layers seem pretty rough but this is actually an indication that this may be real.

Belgian 3D Printing software company Materialise has partnered with the Coventry MTC (Manufacturing Technology Center). The partnership is centered around the Materialise Magics suite of file repair and file management software.

America Makes and ANSI develop 3D Printing standards roadmap. This may seem like boring news but standardization is very important in 3D printing at the moment especially when we want to move towards manufacturing.

3D Printables of the week

Andreas Haufler made a Piranha balance game that I think could be a real hit.

Many people worry about the waste generated by using Nespresso cups, Anthony has found a way to use 3D printed parts to help you recycle them.

The Goofy made a 3D printed watch and many other cool models to share.

3D Printing Videos

This video explains GrabCAD Print Stratasys 3D printing management application.

GE takes us on a tour of their facilities and they talk about how GE will use 3D Printing in the company.

Maker’s Muse makes a video on “3D printers that don’t suck for $350.” We’re a bit skeptical since we’ve tested a number of these machines ourselves. The Cetus which is a Beijing Tiertime machine for $199 with linear rails is a great concept at a great price. The Trinus is a lead screw motion 3D printer for $349 which we haven’t tried. The MP Select Mini is also mentioned, its $199 and a fun thing to play with if you want to get into the 3D printing game.The emergence of low cost 3D printers that actually work is a huge development and may make our industry much larger than it is.

DAQRI is a new company commercializing Software Defined Light (SDL) technology. This 3D printing technology exposes the whole point cloud of an object at once and prints it in one go. The point cloud is points that define your 3D object. The technology is untested and unknown but if you could 3D print an entire object in one go instead of layer by layer that would be a huge speed boost for 3D printing.

What happens if you use 6 3D printing pens at once?

3D Printing Images of the Week

This is an interesting idea, using a Nora Deburring tool to clean up 3D prints.

Usually these tools are used for feet, might it make your next print prettier?

3D Printing Research and Patents of the Week

This presentation shows you how NASA is using 3D printing to manufacture space craft and rockets. Required reading if you’re into space or 3D printing for manufacturing.

This potentially very important paper looks at how a new process called Friction Stirring can be used to 3D print. Whats more the process makes functionally graded components. These components can then have interesting characteristics and gradients throughout enabling a lot of new functionality.

What the muggles are talking about….

BeeHex gets a $1,000,000 in funding to 3D print pizzas.






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