Kids as young as 11 are using 3D Printing to make their own inventions. Photo of 3 young inventors two girls and one boy.
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3D Printing News

A good story on the 3D Printing hype and promise by Richard Hague an expert in the field.

Kids as young as 11 are using 3D Printing to make their own inventions. Photo of 3 young inventors two girls and one boy.

Kids as young as 11 are using 3D Printing to make their own inventions.

3D Printing is an enabling technology and this story details how kids are using 3D Printing to invent.

This Kniterate is totally not a 3D Printer.

There is a lot of news lately about knitting and 3D Printing and 3D printing clothing. A lot of knitting companies and knitwear companies are all of a sudden making 3D Printed clothing (while using regular automated knitting machines.) Now there is a knitting 3D Printer on Kickstarter.

Direct Metal Writing is a new metal 3D Printing technology developed by ORNL.

3D Printing Videos

On Site Robotics is a new implementation showing how 3D printing can be used in construction.

Metal 3D Printing used to keep this World War II era Mustang flying.

Nuovi Gioielli created the Metal Pixel one of the most amazing thing’s you’ll see today. This is a disk made of 3D Printed metal.

Coloring and dying 3D Printed parts has always been a manual process or one with very low repeatability. This automated coloring solution may change that. Powder Bed Fusion (SLS, LS, Selective Laser Sintering) 3D Prints were always made through dying them in a simple bath. Because the 3D Print is porous, the models were stirred by hand and the models have different shapes, different amounts of dye would absorb at different rates and depths. This meant that SLS 3D prints had color differences between them. This simple Tumbler and dying machine could automate this process.

Can you see 360 degree video on your computer? Well feast your eyes on a 360 Degree tour of Lawrence Livermore’s 3D Printing lab.

3D Printables of the Week.

Is this a better mouse trap?

Invent a better mouse trap? 3D Print a better mouse trap, easy print in place print that combines with a bottle to become a mouse trap.

A very attractive bonsai tree pot.

This is a nifty idea, Project Modular Aircraft. A modular small aircraft where major components could be upgraded and changed while being interchangeable. This could be a very interesting way to make upgradable hardware and also to split up design between teams of complex 3D printed things.

A functional and great looking soap dish. More useful things should be beautiful.

3D Printing Research and Patents 

Calculating the cost and effectiveness of 3D printing is difficult and these researchers try to come up with a framework for it (they get some technology assumptions wrong in the process).

Using 3D Printing to make the molds for “polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) elastomeric dielectric layer in capacitive flexible pressure sensors.” This could point to more complex 3D Printed electronics especially for wearable or low cost applications.

Combining FDM and electroplating to make conductive parts. Direct metal 3D printing is exciting but for many applications electroplated FDM parts may be a cheaper and easier way to get the job done.

Super informative paper on high resolutions 3D Printing, great overview. Must read!

What the Muggles are talking about…

Huawei Honor offers 3D modeling on the phone and output to 3D Printers. We’ve been speculating how 3D scanning would proliferate on phones and influence 3D printing, we’re about to find out.



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