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3D Printing News 

Stratasys invests in metal 3D printing powder company LPW. Stratasys itself doesn’t make metal 3D printers (although you can use their Solidscape machines to cast metal parts) but it seems like the company would like more exposure to the fast growing technology. Will this mean that Stratasys will enter metal 3D printing or start offering it as a service in a mayor way?

Are 3D printed cars safe? It is a good question to ask because a lot of certification has to happen for 3D printing to be adopted more widely in automotive. The article itself is not very good however and misses the point.

Hong Kong hospital uses cardiac simulation model to train doctors and nurses.

Hong Kong Polytechnic is starting a research center as well which includes an Optomec LENS and Aerosol Jet system. It is an interesting technology to have an would let them look at 3D printed antennae for example.


3D Printables of the Week

Seems like a cheap and fun print, a Nightwing mask.

There are a lot of 3D printed superhero and cosplay materials out there.

Nice idea on printing this lamp in segments in this manner, simple idea but a very pretty lamp design.

Would make a lovely decoration for Christmas.

Would make a lovely decoration for Christmas.

I know there are a zillion iPhone stands out there but this is the stand pared down to its absolute essentials. Also, what if you could repurpose it or add more functionality to it? So also make it a letter opener, bottle top opener and frame for glasses. Wouldn’t that be handy?

The iStand

The iStand

The Light up loupe is a smart up cycling project and these SardiCorks seem like a fun family project.

3D Printing Videos of the Week

The I3 is one of the most popular 3D printers out there with a solid design and good performance. Would it then be a good idea to buy a cheap I3 clone?

Samurai Jack 3D printed, a good quick look at how to take animated cartoons and turn the designs in them to characters.

Nature Magazine shows us how to print glass pretzels.

This is a guide on how to resurrect old cookies using 3D printing. This got me thinking, this is actually a pretty interesting application resurrecting nostalgic things using 3D printing.

Voxel8 got all the press but behind the scenes millions of phone antennas and other parts are being 3D printed.

What are you looking at exactly in this video? It is a patch of heart cells which were grown from stem cells and 3D printed beating in unison.

3D Printing Research and Patents 

GPLA is graphene doped PLA, in and of itself an interesting material. In this paper they used it in such a way that you can effectively program the resistance of the final part.

If you’re interested in camshafts and 3D printing then this is the perfect paper for you.

Curious how well the on board 3D printing in space is going? NASA got your back.

This team tried making shape memory parts for 4D printing with SLA.

What the Muggles are talking about….

Analysts are telling people to look at 3D printing again as an investment.

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