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3D Printing News

A CMU team of researchers is using machine vision to try to improve 3D printing. A lot of gains can be made by using AI and machine vision to increase the repeatability of 3D printing.

ORNL has been working on 3D printing magnets for a number of years now. 3D printed magnets would let more machinery and motors be 3D printed and the ORNL team is making advances in that area as well. looks at 3D printing moon bases and other space applications.

Hackaday has an interesting look at the IP of the Blackbelt 3D printer. There has been a lot of discussion around this conveyor belt system which seems like it is very similar to patented systems by Stratasys and others.

Formlabs released a compact powder bed fusion system, the Fuse will be available for $24,000 for a full machine with an extra build chamber. Usually SLS (selective laser sintering, laser sintering, powder bed fusion) systems have had price points of around $150,000. By making an entry level SLS machine Formlabs could see huge growth in use in the designer and engineering departments.  If the Fuse works well then it would be a very good device for engineers to use and make functional prototypes and parts. So far desktop 3D printer companies usually stick to one technology. Formlabs is expanding from its current vat polymerization area into powder bed fusion. Vat polymerization printers produce smooth, detailed parts that are ideal for pretty models or casting. Powder bed fusion produces porous strong models with good details that are good as functional parts. By having both these technologies the company is expanding its technology application area significantly. This is a bold move for the company and an astute one.

3D Printables

This mudguard is a very practical 3D print.

An intricate geared desk toy.

Like Pokemon and Chess? This might be perfect for you.

Ingenious idea to store chairs.


A 3D printed ice cream cone holder for hands free ice cream enjoyment.

An interesting print in place bracelet.


Combine this 3D print with straws to build and prototype many things.


3D Printing Videos

Formlabs Max introduces the Fuse.

Whereas the Fuse got all the press Formlabs’ introduction of the Cell, automation for its vat polymerization systems was also significant. Labor is still an inordinately large part of 3D printing costs and innovations such as the Cell will drive down these costs.

TechSmartt 3D prints some shoes.

GE gives us a tour of metal 3D printing subsidiary Concept.

Simufact takes us through their 3D printing metal software.

3D Printing Research and Patents

A 3D printed structured electrode for lithium ion batteries could point to higher performance batteries.

Two Laurence Livermore researchers got a patent for a technology that combines vat polymerization 3D printing with pipetting.

By metabolizing plastic parts these researchers may have found a new way to 3D print MEMS.

A 3D printed mini cyclone device could be used by researchers to separate algae and other samples. 3D printing scientific devices could have a huge impact on research.

What the muggles are talking about…

This duck got a 3D printed foot.



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