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3D Printing News

Disney wants to patent a way through which a reflective material could be used to deter people 3D scanning and then 3D printing objects. Ostensibly this patent says that Disney is worried about people copying their figurines through 3D printing. Is that going to be a major issue for content companies in the future?

GE and Stryker become partners to bring more metal printing to medical devices. By partnering with one of the largest medical device companies GE is lining up a strategic partner that could get a lot of value out of further industrializing metal 3D printing for prosthetics, implants and medicine. GE gets scale and investments in improving the technology. Will this mean that other medical device companies will partner with EOS? Will we see a 3D printing landscape where islands of partnerships will compete with each other?

There is a lot of hype for 3D printing in construction. Dubai is the place where start up Cazza chose to build its bots.

The railroad industry has been slow to adopt 3D printing but now Union Pacific is 3D printing parts.

HP is serious about expanding 3D printing in Asia and signs up dozens of resellers.

3D Printables of the Week

A really nicely detailed aircraft model.

The arms race to build the world’s largest fidget spinner is heating up.

A very practical 3D print, magnetic shoe laces that work.

Christmas in June? Low poly vornoi Pokemon!

This is still a work in progress but would be a great project to do with kids. A bubble machine.

3D print some sunglasses for your summer.



3D Printing Images and Video of the Week 

The CR 10 3D printer is making some serious waves with a very large build volume and a very low price it could be amazing or be horrible.

3D Printing has actually extensively been used in stop motion find out more in this video.

Are Pinwheels the next Fidget Spinners?

Really well designed lovable 3D printed bots.

Airbus is helping to 3D print sailboats.

The world’s first 3D printed aluminum guitar.

A lot of people are talking about the Blackbelt printer, this video shows you how it works.

Zbrush continues its series teaching you how to 3D model characters.

A video looking into the Desktop Metal printers.

Interested in 3D printing? There is an online Msc degree!

3D Printing Patents and Research

This paper looks at how companies are using 3D printing to develop new products.

This paper looks at using 3D printing in a new area, reconstructing thumbs.

Many people are now looking at 3D printed cyber security and the implications of hacking 3D printers.

This paper looks at using 3D printed maps to help the visually impaired learn.

When do you choose powder bed fusion and when material extrusion? This is an attempt at making a tool to select when to use which technology.

PCU is a very interesting material and this may be used for 3D printed implants.

What the Muggles are Talking About…

The BBC tells a lovely story about a girl whose hand has been replaced with 3D printing.


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