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3D Printing News




Ultrasonic Manipulation could be an exciting new 3D printing technique hence it could precisely manipulate and place materials.

Bondic has made a pocket Liquid Plastic Welder that seems like will essentially take the method by which your dentist uses UV adhesives and makes it available to everyone. In addition, this kind of development could be used quite easily in a new kind of 3D printer.

South Korean 3D printer manufacturer Carima will release a resin based printer that is up to 400 times faster than traditional light based 3D printers. Therefore, it makes the system significantly faster than Carbon3D. Finally, if this system performs well it should open up more manufacturing through 3D printing.

Swedish furniture giant IKEA has developed its first 3D printed product, a small jewelry item made with powder bed fusion.

Scientists are a few steps closer to 3D printing functional capillaries.

One thing holding back 3D printing is that CAD and 3D modeling software is too difficult. This article has an interesting opinion that Apple’s adoption of ARKit could hasten the adoption of 3D printers. In addition, the article also mentions the Obsidian 3D printer, you can see a review of that below.

Stratasys and Boom Supersonic have partnered in order to make parts for supersonic aircraft.

Finally, You can build Arduino circuit diagrams in TinkerCAD the easy to use 3D modeling tool.

3D Printables of the Week


A teeny tiny elastic crossbow.


A 3D printed baby mobile.

A 3D printed bike water bottle holder.

3D Printing Videos of the Week

Someone used a drone to capture images of their house turned that into a 3D scan and then printed the result. Hence, this is an amazing combination of technologies and could be a very handy implementation for a lot of areas.

The Obsidian is a very very low cost 3D printer, but does it work?

The Formlabs Cell is an automated 3D printing solution from the company. These types of solutions will be key in industrializing 3D printing.

EOS is the largest vendor of powder bed fusion systems (SLS) here is a 360 degree look inside their technology center.

An overview on how 3D printed parts are made for aerospace.

Another corporate video but this one explains ColorJet 3D printing well.

3D Printing Research

This paper discusses a powder bed fusion made crocodile inspired stab resistant body armor.

Liquid Metal Jet 3D Printing has been enhanced with this paper which introduces a way for the printing system to do quality assurance as it prints.

Direct ink writing used to 3D print transparent glass.

Finally, Could Lithium Ion batteries be 3D printed?

What the muggles are talking about….

The Chicago Deerfield Public Library will offer 3D printing services. Increasingly libraries around the world are looking to 3D printing, do you think that this will be a success? Is it a continuation of what they’ve been doing in a different form or not something that libraries should get involved in?

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