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3D Printing News 

Xact is a company bringing down the cost of metal 3D printing dramatically, this article looks at how the company can make metal 3D printers inexpensively.

While Touch sensitive devices can now be 3D printed onto skin.

Also, an America’s Cup sailing team is using metal 3D printing to save weight on their high speed racing yachts.

In addition, Could 3D printing be used to make toys?

Finally, Brain tissue has now been 3D printed in the lab.

3D Printables of the week

A 3D printed sundial watch combines the old with the new.

Want to get a new curtain or shower curtain? Seems like this printable curtain grommet may be for you.

A quirky wall light.

3D Printing Videos

Maker’s Muse looks at free slicing software and compares them.

Make Anything reviews a $200 Kossel Delta printer. Find out more:

Another look at the Navy’s 3D printed submarine.

PwC looks at 3D printing.

Ceramics 3D printing is not well known, this interview sheds some light on how ceramics are 3D printed for industry.

3D Printing Research and Patents

This paper looks at using 3D printing for personalized healthcare. Therefore, this should be a potentially huge application area.

Shape memory materials also called smart materials or 4D printing are increasingly being researched and with these materials, you can after they are made get them to change shape. Furthermore, this paper looks at 3D printing custom 4D printing materials.

Motion stages are machine assemblies that position and move things. Your 3D printer has a motion stage to move the print head. Here a researcher has shown that you can make a flexible motion stage with 3D printing.

What the muggles are talking about…

This NASDAQ article details how 3D printing is doing well even without all the hype.

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