3D printing Roundup
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3D Printing RoundUp 

The Guardian takes a look at 3D printing organs, the paper gets many of the players right but has too much of a focus on CellInk which is but one of the companies in that space.

Ars looks at how the Better Call Saul special effects team uses 3D printing and Arduino to make custom effects and props.

German RepRap has brought a Polyurethane liquid 3D printing method to market.

3D Printables of the Week

Tyrobot is an open source robotics kit.


This is a cheap 3D print that may be very practical for you.


One of the nicest watering cans we’ve ever seen printed.

FieldReady publishes very practical designs that have often been used in developing countries.

3D Printing Videos of the Week 

Is the MostFun 3D printer any fun? Find out in this video below:

And the New Matter Mod t? Check out 3D Printing Nerd’s review:

How about the Velleman Vertex? Check out the assembly and first impression

Heres a look at 3D printing molds.

AI Build is a UK based start up using 3D printing with machine vision and AI to build large things with Kuka Robots.

Fixing things using 3D printing? Watch this video to start fixing things using a 3D printer:

This excellent series on how to create characters and 3D print them continues.

Would you buy this 3D printed garment online? Watch and let us know:

3D Printing Research & Patents

Lawrence Livermore has looked at preventing some of the most common errors in metal 3D printing.

This team made a 3 finger 3D printed robot specifically for handling fabric.

This article looks at using 3D printed models for anatomy education.

What the muggles are talking about..

Forbes asks if we need the Paris Climate Accords if we have 3D printing.


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