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3D Printing News 

The US Navy and Marine Corps are testing containerized 3D printing solutions in forward areas.

Bitcoin blockchain based security solutions for 3D printing?

3D Printing software company Materialise reported revenue increases of 21% for the quarter as well as a significant increase in profits.

Mercedes Benz is starting to 3D print metal spare truck parts. Industrial metal 3D printing is increasingly used in production and manufacturing and this is a big step.

German company Cikoni has found a new way to 3D print carbon fiber parts.

3D Printables of the Week

Want to go biking in an unsafe neighborhood? This pepper spray bike mount might be the answer.


Torx Facom  screwdriver mounting kit.

Beautiful realistic RC Jeep.

A very lovely collection of seven 3D printed vases.

3D Printing Videos of the Week

The Taz Lulzbot 6 is an excellent 3D printer what does this review have to say about that?

Would you wear a 3D printed flip flop?

Visually impaired people could make use of printing in education and this video shows you some examples of how this could work.

A nice print of a mason jar lid.

Is the Stanley Model 1 a good 3D printer?

Big Rep shows off their large 3D printers.


3D Printing Research and Patents

3D printed drug delivery devices are an exciting area for 3D printing. Personalized medical doses could be printed and given to patients in all sorts of forms. This paper has an overview of the research.

Curious as to how 3D printing is used in dentistry?

This paper deals with 3D printing and the role it will play in European design law.

What the muggles are talking about…

USA Today talks about 3D printing skulls.



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