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3D Printing News

Chemical giant BASF acquired Innofil, a large Dutch manufacturer of 3D printing filament confirming the company’s commitment to 3D printing. Along with BASF large chemicals and polymer companies such as SABIC, Arkema, Evonik, Covestro, DuPont, Mitsubishi Chemical and Eastman are now active in 3D printing.

Toybox is a 3D printer for kids on Indiegogo.

Siemens is to develop 3D printed metro spare parts in Dubai.

Airbus, CSI, Heraeus, Altair, EOS and other firms developed the software and prints for a structural component that could be used in cars or aircraft.

SLM to be investigated for use in making pure copper parts using green lasers

Technology giant Wipro and EOS have teamed up to make 3D printed parts for Indian satellites.

3D Printables of the Week

A bike bidon holder for your water bottles on the go.

Another 3D printed fishing rod.


A 3D printed glider would make for a great school project.

3D printed washing machine knob. Is this the future?

There are tens of thousands of knobs, valves, screws and other things that could use a 3D printed adaptor. This would make a great business for someone.

3D Printing Research of the Week

This paper used a hydrogel to make a soft actuator. This could be an advance in soft robotics.

3D printing with cement is a burgeoning area. If that cement were bio-based then it would also be better for the environment, this paper looks at different kinds of printable bio derived cements.

3D Printed bio composites are also a very exciting research area and this student may have found a way to do just that.

Curious about the law and 3D printing? This paper may be of interest to you.

3D Printing Videos

A great way to use 3D printing to make custom t-shirts.

Joel talks about 3D printed shoes.

How to store your filament?

How to use 3D printing with metal casting.

How to troubleshoot your printer.

Curious about using Ultimaker’s 3D printing software Cura?

What the muggles are talking about… 

Chinese company PEAK 3D prints basketball shoes.

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