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Since the launch of our beta and our servers are getting flooded with tests thanks to the great beta testers who are helping us in making MakePrintable the solution we are aiming to deliver, during the last few weeks we have been able to identify cases and work on fixing issues which resulted in our latest release (you can read the release notes here) and below is a list of improvements and changes we have made:


  1. Higher quality output: We have been getting requests to increase the quality of the output and deliver beyond the prototype option currently available in MakePrintable so  we introduced an algorithm that keeps all the benefits of prototype quality (speed and size) while also providing better output.
  2. Reduction of ugly bumps: Sometimes the models used to get some ugly bumps but we’ve managed to reduce it significantly but still we are aiming to eliminate this in the next release.
  3. Better triangulation: One of the bugs we’ve been hunting over the past few weeks and resulted in unwanted edges created specially on hard-edge models but finally we managed to hunt it down so you can know expect much better triangulation while we keep on improving the results.
  4. Removal of sectional cuts: Some models used to get some cuts at some parts of the geometry but we have introduced a fix that handles this case.
  5. Name of files: The initial beta release used numbers as a naming convention for output files but we have changed that so now the output is actually in the same name used for the input.
  6. Better servers: We upgraded our servers to be able to deliver faster fixes despite our continuous hunger for faster algorithms and optimizations.


  1. Download STL: Now it is possible to download as STL or OBJ.
  2. Interactive Help: We wanted to make the process smooth and friendly so we added interactive help to our process.
    Interactive help
  3. GCode  Reverser (Preview): We are now capable of processing GCode as input files and extracting the geometry back from it! This means that you can now process GCode files, re-target your GCode files to other printers and retrieve a model out of it which you can modify using your favorite design tool and when you upload GCode files you can actually compare your GCode (as text, 2D or 3D) with the output triangulated 3D model.
    This opens the doors to a more consumer friendly market in which you can re-target and modify GCode based files you bought from a marketplace that only target a specific printer in case you upgraded your printer or replaced it with another one and even thought it is still in (preview) mode and experimental but it is definitely a promising component of our system.
    Gcode reverse


  4. Better history page: We’ve improved the history page so you can now do more actions on top of your previous fixes. Fix History

We still have a long list of fixes, improvements and features we want to accomplish before going public with MakePrintable but we are confident that over the next few weeks a lot of items in this list will be marked as finished.

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