12 May. 20156
G-Code reverser
Author: Mohammad Ashqar Category: Technology

G Code files are those files exported from a slicer software, containing a list of commands, which the 3D printer reads and executes, in order to print a 3D model.

For further reading on G-code, click here.

The Generated G-Code commands represent horizontal layers “slices” of the 3D model, sliced as the model was placed, scaled, and rotated in the slicing software’s platform, those commands are generated with user and printer-specific settings, all of which makes the G-Code almost impossible to modify in order to retarget different printers, let alone modifying the original model itself.

Our Reverser interprets the G-code, and collects the details and data needed from the commands,  then it regenerates the 3D model which represents the outcome of the printing process using the respective G-code file.

This feature allows users to reuse G-code, by regenerating the G-code using the Reverser’s outcome, and simply changing the settings, or even target other printers than the one targeted in the G-code file.

Power users and 3D designers would get the chance to modify the model once more, as the outcome of the Reverser would be in .OBJ or .STL formats, which means they can import it into 3D editing software and start with their editing.

G Code Reverser Preview :

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