MakePrintable: STL and 3D Files Repair Service
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Makeprintable is a powerful online tool that you can use to repair your 3D files. Equipping you to 3D print or use these corrected files in your digital works. As Makeprintable’s speed improves we want the tool to offer you a faster better way to go from file to 3D print.

You can upload 20 different 3D Model file types to Makeprintable at the moment:

  • Collada ( .dae )
  • Filmbox(.fbx)
  • Blender 3D ( .blend )
  • 3ds Max 3DS ( .3ds )
  • 3ds Max ASE ( .ase )
  • Wavefront Object ( .obj )
  • Industry Foundation Classes (IFC/Step) ( .ifc )
  • XGL ( .xgl,.zgl )
  • Stanford Polygon Library ( .ply )
  • AutoCAD DXF ( .dxf )
  • LightWave ( .lwo )
  • LightWave Scene ( .lws )
  • Modo ( .lxo )
  • Stereolithography ( .stl )
  • DirectX X ( .x )
  • AC3D ( .ac )
  • Milkshape 3D ( .ms3d )
  • TrueSpace ( .cob,.scn )
  • Ogre XML ( .xml )
  • Biovision BVH ( .bvh )
  • CharacterStudio Motion ( .csm )
  • Quake III Map/BSP ( .pk3 )
  • If you have a lot of files, you can also upload in Zip format.


You can download these fixed files in OBJ or STL, export the Gcode directly, import to Google Drive or keep them on Makeprintable to store them should you wish.

You can just drag and drop or look for a file to upload.

3D Model Dimensions and Fixer Settings

Settings and Dimensions of 3D Model

Once uploaded Makeprintable tells you the dimension’s of your file, how many parts it contains, the number of triangles, how many nonmanifold edges your file has and how many boundary edges your file has. You can use the tool to scale, position and rotate your models as well.

Fixing your model in progress

Makeprintable can flip inverted triangles (flipped faces), repair nonmanifold edges, make your model watertight, fix problems with intersections of parts or parts of your model, automatically change the wall thickness of your model and hollow out your model to save on cost. There is also a polygon optimization tool that will drastically reduce the number of polygons in your model. Especially useful for Zbrush files or ultra-high polygon models. The optimization reduces the number of polygons without sacrificing 3D print results.

You can also directly output the file as Gcode for download and specify a printer and settings for slicing.

Original and fixed models

Original and fixed models

You can flip between the fixed and original model to check how the file fixing algorithm has worked its magic on your file.

The repaired files are stored online, but you can delete whenever you like, you can also opt for a secure mode which encrypts your file and removes it automatically.

The app will show you the model as it is being fixed and send you a notification email once it is complete. You can then download it or choose to back it up to Google Drive or Box.

Makeprintable also lets you import directly from Thingiverse, and we have plugins for Blender and Sketchup.

We hope you like using our free STL fixing tool and welcome any feedback you have. You can join the discussion about Makeprintable or ask your 3D printing questions here on our forum. There is also a chat window in Makeprintable should you want to send us a direct message.

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