Devin Montes of Make Anything, hugging a BCN Sigma
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We had a chance to interview Devin Montes,of the Make Anything 3D Printing Channel. Devin posts interesting projects, awe inspiring prints and shares lots of helpful information with his viewers. Some of his 3D printed creations have inspired thousands of people to undertake cool 3D Printing projects. We can heartily recommend him as a great source of 3D Printing inspiration and information.
Devin Montes of Make Anything, hugging a BCN Sigma

Devin Montes of Make Anything hugging a BCN Sigma 3D Printer.

When did you get started with 3D Printing?
I’ve been fascinated with 3D printing since I first read about it in primary school, but it wasn’t until 3 years ago that I got my own printer. I was studying Product Design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and we were tasked with 3D printing an RC car. The costs of outsourcing my prints were high enough for me to justify getting my own printer and doing everything myself. Not only did I print my own RC parts, but I helped many of my classmates out as well. Since then, the obsession has only grown!
What do you like most about it?
I love how quickly 3D printing lets me materialize my ideas. Once I have an idea, I’m restless until I can finish it, so the ability to model and print something within a day is a real gamechanger for me. I also just love how limitless 3D printing is. Sure, there are some constraints as to how you can print something, but there’s pretty much always a way to bring my idea to life.
I also love that anyone with a 3D printer can make parts that I have designed. I am a firm believer in making good design available to as many people as possible, and I think 3D printing facilitates that goal.
What do you think the most frustrating thing is about 3D Printing?
I have yet to experience a printer that just works flawlessly every time. I actually enjoy tinkering with my printers and testing different settings, but sometimes I just want my model printed, and I’ll get frustrated by print failures. Tools like MakePrintable are definitely helping reduce failed prints, so I’m thankful for that!
What advice would you give a person new to 3D Printing?
I would say be prepared to fail. When I first got my printer, one thing after another kept going wrong.. prints not sticking down, filament not extruding, etc. It was discouraging at times, but I also learned something from every failure, and it’s a lot easier to troubleshoot now. Also, if you’re making your own models, learn the best practices for designing to 3D print… make designs that are easy to print instead of making your printer work hard and risking more failed prints.
Do you have any settings and build plate adhesion advice for new people in 3D Printing?
Print your first layer slow and make sure the build plate is level. I’m really liking PEI as a build surface for heated build plates, and otherwise painters tape with hairspray will hold down most tricky parts. I also use a flexible PrintinZ plate that makes removing prints really easy. There are a lot of different solutions for sale by now.
Devin's optical illusion print.

Devin Montes’ optical illusion print.


What are your best tips on slicing files?
You can probably get away with less infill than you think.. and always preview the print in your slicer, because one day something will slice incorrectly, and it’s much better to catch the problem on your computer rather than getting a failed print.
Do you use enclosed build chambers? 
I mostly print in PLA, so an enclosed build chamber isn’t really necessary. It would be nice to have an enclosed printer for when I want to make stronger parts from ABS or other specialty materials that shrink a lot.
How does one best dial in a new material? 
Start with the recommended settings, print a simple part, and adjust settings based on the results. Luckily the 3D printing community is very active and helpful online, so there are plenty of forums for getting troubleshooting advice. Personally I spend a lot of time on the 3D printing subreddit on Reddit.
What do you hope to achieve with your channel? 
I made my channel as a way to grow interest in 3D printing and design. I hope to inspire people to be creative problem solvers and to see the value of good design. More problem solvers in the world can only be a good thing!
Devin's Super Satisfying Twist 3D Prints.

Devin Montes’ Super Satisfying Twist 3D Prints.


How did you come about to make your popular spinning tops?
My air-powered Galactops were actually an idea I thought up many years ago, before I even thought about owning a 3D printer. It was just a little sketch in my ideabook for the longest time, and I wasn’t sure I could ever actually make it, but 3D printing finally made it possible. It just shows the power of 3D printing… if you have an idea, you can make it!
What is your process when designing something?
My process depends on the complexity of the idea, but I usually begin by working out my design through sketches. 3D printing is great for rapid prototyping, so instead of obsessing over every little detail, I can print rough designs and adjust the model as I continue to iterate.  Eventually I do obsess over every detail, but the iterative process leads to quicker results.
If I want to design for 3D Printing how should I go about learning this?
I learned a lot of the rules for design for 3D printing from YouTube tutorials and just from experience. I try to show a lot of the process on my YouTube channel so definitely check that out 😉

Devin Montes of Make Anything

Would you like to be a full time YouTuber? 
I wasn’t planning on making YouTube videos full time, but I’m enjoying it so much now that I find myself turning down other offers so I can continue… so I wouldn’t mind!
Where do you hope to be in five years?
I’ve always been a believer in spontaneity and organic growth, so I don’t have a set plan for the next five years. I would like to launch products, perhaps through crowdfunding, or maybe I will take a job at an established company if it’s a promising opportunity. I do hope I can continue to be an educator in one way or another.
What do you see as the future of 3D printing?
I think it’s obvious by now that 3D printing is finding its way into just about every industry. Food, medical, fashion, aviation, and on and on are all benefitting from the technology. I also think we are on the verge of 3D printing being affordable and user friendly enough to become a common household device. Even if someone only needs a spare part here and there, it will be worth owning a printer, and of course that very exciting for someone like be who designs for 3D printing.
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