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Blender is an extensive 3D modeling and animation tool. Blender itself is free and open source. Initially the learning curve is a bit steep when compared to entry level packages but Blender is a tool with a lot of capabilities. For the past eight years Blender 3D modelers, animators and artists have been using Blender extensively to 3D print. It is this vibrant bright community of Blender users that makes Blender so special. The unique thing about Blender is that the community is so large that there are a lot of resources, tools, guides and people to help you learn to master Blender. We’ve made a list of some of the top Blender resources worldwide to get you started with this great tool.

The Blender Project’s own website is extensive. In addition to letting you download Blender itself there are a lot of learning resources there also.

There is a manual.

There is a tutorial section for beginners.

There is also an extensive training section with live examples to download or follow.

You can even download complete characters that Blender has shared with you to use for your own stuff.

The Blender Foundation has over the years put out a number of animated shorts made by the Blender community to illustrate the capabilities of the software. The Blender Institute is now making a film “Agent 327: Operation Barbershop.”

Blender also shares its textures with you.

The Blender foundation also has a YouTube Channel with lots of examples.

BlenderNation is a blog and news source for all things Blender, keeping the community up to date.

If you have a direct question the Blender Stack Exchange lets you ask this question and get it answered.

BlenderArtists is a large forum where questions can be asked and you can get feedback or meet members of the Blender community. CGMasters offers Blender tutorials as well.

BlenderMarket lets you buy and sell Blender assets.

BlenderGuru has an extensive number of tutorials in areas such as texturing, lighting and modeling.

BlendSwap is set up to let Blender users swap assets with each other.

Blender 3D Noob to Pro is a wiki book that teaches you how to use Blender.

Reddit has an active Blender subreddit.

Lynda has an 8 hour Blender course.

Tuts+ has some Blender tutorials as well.

Udemy has a $10 3D printing with Blender course.

Blend3rArchitect is about 3D visualization for architects with Blender.

Hackaday wrote a post a while back where they explore making a 3D printed thing with Blender.

Gordon Fisher wrote a $14 E-book on using Blender.

On the fence about using Blender, this Medium post explains why you should use it.

Have you found any more Blender resources we should list? Please tell us.



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