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3D Printing News

MIT makes a soft robot with actuators that can swim and catch fish.

Femtosecond lasers may have an impact on 3D printing.

Stratasys partners with McLaren to assist them in 3D printing for Formula 1.

Electronics distributor Conrad has partnered with Trinckle to offer a 3D printing service.

3D Printables

Looking for a science project to 3D print? This vertical ant farm may be for you.

Handy and cute, a turtle phone stand.

Handy and cute, a turtle phone stand.

This turtle phone stand is adorable.

This LED bridge lamp may be the illumination solution for your desk.

I can't recognize him without the glasses.

I can’t recognize him without the glasses.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its a Jumbo Lego Superman.

Audio greeting card in a box.

This is a nifty print a tea cup that infuses or doesn’t depending on how you hold it.

A really good example model of a 3D printed jet engine.

A really good example model of a 3D printed jet engine.

Want to explain how a jet engine works?

Lamp shade.

Lamp shade.

This is a lovely 3D printed lamp.

A teeny tiny bike.

3D Printing Videos

Genius? A stupid idea? Best idea ever? I’m still not sure. This is an RC car with a 3D printed snowblower attached to it. Imagine, theres a layer of snow outside, your driveway needs to be cleared. Just push a button and the RC Autonomous Snowblower unit clears everything.

Make Anything talks about designing glasses.

Joel weighs in on the “couple killed by their 3D printer.”

Thomas tells us a little about Copyright for 3D printing.

Robots that design and 3D print new robots, the end is near.

Make your own copper pennies spinners.

3D Printing Research

Making STEM education 3D prints for less than $25, could point to many uses in education for 3D prints.

Using 3D prints to visualize flow structures.

3D Printing magnets.

Using cheap metal 3D printers for education.

What the muggles are saying…

Will 3D Printing change the future of oil?


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