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Welcome once again to the Roundup, a collection and selection of all that is good and wonderful in 3D printing for the week. It has been an exciting week with news of the pending GE acquisition still reverberating and Ultimaker receiving 15 million Euro in a loan and disclosing that is has 30 million in revenue.

3D Printables of the Week

Brad Harris just uploaded a load of Lightsabers to YouMagine. Someone used the Kidedesign Village pieces to create a simulation and discussion tool for educators which would seem to be a handy conversation enabler. You probably need this Ninjaflex semiflex purse in your life.

A license plate for you to customize and print. Blue on white.

A license plate for you to customize and print.

On Thingiverse there is a customizable Ontario license plate for you to 3D print while this Ikea hack adds a nicely made hole to your Lack table. This 3D printed Luban Lock on MyMiniFactory is a lovely traditionally Chinese puzzle and toy, explained here. Brett Turnage has made an absolutely stunning 3D print of an Audi E-Tron Le Mans car on Pinshape.

Really well done 80 hour print of the Audi E-Tron Le Mans Car.

Really well done 80 hour print of the Audi E-Tron Le Mans Car.

MakePrintable News 

We’re thinking about doing a MakePrintable podcast, do you guys have any ideas of people we can interview, subjects we can consider? If so, email joris (at)

3D Printing Patents 

Someone actually patented automated bed leveling in China years after it was first used in 3D printers,  there is also a color 3D printing patent using multiple toner cartridges and also a multi-nozzle composite 3D printer.

This patent by a glue company aims to patent using superglue to strengthen 3D prints.

3D Printing Research

This paper details making a 3D printing system for use in space. The system aims to use recycled packaging materials and metals on the ISS to 3D print on the space station. Recycling and 3D printing things in space is an important part of the feasibility of future Mars missions. This would enable crew to repair and maintain devices as well as print useful things they would need. The positrusion system is made by Tethers and is a space bound filament recycler. There it will accompany the Made In Space 3D printer. Their AMF Additive Manufacturing Facility system is currently in use on board the ISS. This is another paper detailing different in space manufacturing technologies.

Can it get any more futuristic than that? Well, how about using 3D printing to print a Mars Ice House. The video below details the original Mars Ice House concept which is now being improved upon.

MARS ICE HOUSE from Mars Ice House on Vimeo.

Carbon’s CLIP technology is being used to make microneedles.

There has been a lot of talk about 3D printing and its role in the supply chain, but precious little research. This paper is a neat overview of 3D printing in the supply chain and how that may work.

Keep your 3D prints and your filament dry kids! We know already that moisture and ambient temperature have huge effects on 3D prints. This paper details how moisture affects the strength of FDM parts. “The tensile strength of FDM parts under dry, room temperature conditions, was approximately 26–56% that of injection molded parts, depending on build orientation. Increased temperature and water absorption had a more significant effect on FDM parts than injection molded components. The tensile strength was decreased by 67–71% in hot, wet environments compared with dry, room temperature conditions.” This will be abundantly clear to those of you already who have tried to print in hot wet environments or rooms without climate control. This is the reason why people who have central heating systems have an easier time obtaining consistent 3D prints.

3D Printing Images & Video 

3D Printing enclosures are a great way to improve the safety and consistency of your 3D prints. By controlling airflow, ambient temperature and humidity a good enclosure can significantly improve your 3D print results. Here is a nice 3D printer enclosure build.

Print your own T-Rex.

Print your own T-Rex.

A nice T-rex skeleton 3D print, the STL is here.

This is such a great idea, air powered spinning tops, galactops.

Fun with Newton's third law.

Fun with Newton’s third law.

Richard Horne has a video tutorial on using Simplify3D.

Richard Horne has a video tutorial on using Simplify3D.


This team used desktop 3D printers to make soft robotics. They made pneumatics and the video shows you how the 3D printed pneumatic arm is used to pick up a chair. Great project!

What the muggles are talking about

Ingersoll and ORNL have partnered to make WHAM a huge format 3D printing technology.


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