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3D Printing News

Weta Workshop, the special effects workshop made famous by Lord of the Rings and other mayor movies displays its 3D printing capabilities. 3D printing has been used for a number of years in special effects. Because these companies need unique one off items we expect many more special effects to be 3D printed in the future as 3D printing’s capabilities increase.

Forbes wises up to the possibilities in using desktop 3D printers to manufacture.

A team at Japan’s Waseda University have come up with a way to use a pen to selectively apply solvent to FDM 3D prints in order to smooth them. Some people were already doing similar things at home but it is good to get researchers thinking about the surface quality of FDM parts which is a mayor area of improvement.

Torbjørn Ludvigson’s Hangprinter is suspended in a room and is able to make large scale objects in this way. He spent three years developing the printer and it looks like a very good way to make large things. People have also tried to mount rails in walls to 3D print larger, how would you turn a room into a 3D printer?

Micron3D has announced its 200 mm x 200 mm x 300 mm, 100 microns layer thickness glass printer. Similar to FDM the printer heats the glass up to 1000°C. Whilst it has been possible to use Viridris and ExOne technology to 3D print glass it would be a breakthrough if we had more glass 3D printers that could make technical glass parts for industry.

3D Printables of the Week

Do you hate shoelaces? This quick lock shoelace buckle could be a fine 3D printed thing for you. These kinds of small add ons to simplify life have huge potential.

A free standing spool holder can let you have less problems with your filament getting tangled and can let you 3D print with larger filament rolls.

This is a very inexpensive saw and you could use this idea to make many super simple and cheap 3D printed tools.

3D Printing Videos of the Week

After Lions and spinners super satisfying twist containers are dominating the printables. Joel proves that sometimes bigger is better.

Richard shows us how to unbox a Lulzbot Taz 6 3D printer.

Voxeljet 3D prints casts and in this video they show you how their prints can be used to make a large scale prop.

GE continues to promote its 3D printing prowess.

The Matsuura Lumex is a hybrid 3D printer that combines 3D printing with CNC. It doesn’t get a lot of news but this is an interesting approach.

3D Printing Research and Patents

Binder jetting is the official name for 3D printing technologies that jet a binder to glue together a powder. Whereas these technologies can use inkjet to give a color finish the objects made by them are very fragile. This article looks at how to use infiltration and post processing to alleviate that.

NASA continues to trail blaze the world of using 3D printing in space. Here they evaluate non destructive testing and other things that need to be done in order to improve the industrial performance of 3D printing.

For the first time a siloxane composite material has been 3D printed using stereolithography.

3D printing materials are on the whole quite expensive, would using gypsum solve this?

What the Muggles are talking about…

Voodoo Manufacturing launches their automated 3D printing factory concept. The idea of using a robot arm to remove 3D prints from your build plate has been around for a few years now and many companies are working on this technology. Voodoo is the first to gain widespread media attention with the idea of fully automated 3D printing production.

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