The first artwork 3D printed in space.
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3D Printing News

UAE based Strata, which makes composite parts for aircraft, has signed a deal with reliance defense. Strata is very rapidly expanding its media footprint and showcasing that the UAE is serious about becoming a home for 3D printing.

SolidworksWorld the annual tradeshow centered around the Solidworks CAD package has just ended. gives us an overview of the highlights of the show.

There is a lot going on in research and product development in using Femtosecond lasers being used for 3D Printing. “With a unique ability to instantaneously generate high temperature plasma, femtosecond lasers can melt refractory metals, 3-D print multimaterial components and manipulate microstructures to change their mechanical properties.” This means that materials can be made which are flexible in one area but stiff in others. This process would allow engineers to design their own materials for particular parts. This is a significant step forward for 3D printing and would greatly expand our abilities. PolarOnyx is the company commercializing this technology. PolarOnyx 3D printed with glass and tungsten using femtosecond 3D printing.

Tungsten parts made with femtosecond metal 3D printing.

Tungsten parts made with femtosecond metal 3D printing.

Made In Space 3D printed an artwork in space. The US company which has 3D printers aboard the ISS has 3D printed “laugh” in space.

The first artwork 3D printed in space.

The first artwork 3D printed in space.


Tri spinner in action.

Tri spinner in action.

Spinners are quickly becoming a very popular 3D printed item.

Dodecahedron Pencil Holder. grey. Red pencils in it.

Dodecahedron Pencil Holder.

Do you like dodecahedrons? 3D Printing? Pencils?

Flexible pliers

Flexible pliers

Colorfabb made these flexible pliers.


3D Printing Videos

The Spyker Workshop 3D Prints Tracks for a mini tracked vehicle. Someone should try this at a larger scale!

Make Anything shows us how to make some nice twist caps.

RC Hovercraft with 3D printed parts.

Lovely Deadpool mask with magnets.

UPS Shows us how you can use UPS 3D Printing Solutions. Is UPS going to be a mayor player in 3D Printing?

Beautiful RC HotRods.

DMG Mori gets into the 3D Printing game. DMG is a huge player in machinery, will they make metal 3D Printing more commonplace?  DMG Mori makes milling machines, lathes and other CNC machinery and is very good at it as well. They’ve bought significant stock in Realizer, a small German metal 3D printing company, probably to get access to their 3D printing patents. The expertise in motion control and knowledge of metals should be no problem for Mori. But, metal powders are complex and this could become a problem for them.

Robert Bosch, a giant technology company (who have a patent on using fans with 3D printers) pitch 3D Printing. What company saved 25% of its engine weight by using 3D printing? Bosch is a huge supplier of services and components to automotive and other industries. They also have a very deep expertise in electronics and components. If they roll out this technology in a very extended way this will have a huge impact on automotive. Given all of the technology they have Bosch is the type of company that could easily develop their own 3D printing technology.

3D Printing Research and Patents

A patent on “preparing artificial blood vessels” using 3D printing.

3D Printing guides used in hip replacement in children.

A paper on using a single use glider to resupply military units constructed with digital manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing. The paper also talks about using drones to deliver the glider to resupply units.

This paper discusses how to design a 3D printed arm for developing countries.

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