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3D Printing News

Is 3D Printing really a threat to the traditional spare parts supply chain? 3D printing spare parts has been something under development for quite a while now by many different players. We believe that ultimately it will be possible but that there are a lot of quality control and certification issues at this time.

Ford parts from the new large scale Stratasys 3D Printing machines.

Ford is working with Stratasys’ new Infinite Build technology to make large 3D printed polymer parts. The article reports that Ford is looking at different parts but will start with spoilers. Automotive companies have long used 3D printing in prototyping and short run parts but are now looking to use the technology in production. With larger build sizes Stratasys can now make car sized parts and automotive and custom auto parts are a huge potential market for them. Certification and quality control will here also be the key challenges to overcome. Over the past years we’ve seen hype diminish but be translated in actual production use cases for the technology.

The 3D Printed pizza printer is continuing to get a lot of coverage on US media.

MIT researchers are trying to develop 3D printing materials directly out of cellulose. Whereas the majority of desktop 3D prints are already being done on plant based materials, working with cellulose would be a very efficient way to 3D print. The team used cellulose acetate which is because of the acetone not exactly a super cuddly material but a very promising development still. This is especially true because it works without heat and the superabundant material is very low in cost.

An MIT Cellulose 3D Print.

An MIT Cellulose 3D Print.

3D Printing Videos

The Monoprice Mini Select 3D Printer is a $200 3D Printer that for many people just works. This review tells us all about this entry level system.

Microfluidic devices have a lot of potential uses, what happens when you can make them affordable by 3D printing them on a desktop 3D printer?

The next must have item in 3D printing after Yoda heads, Wave vases, lions and spinners?

3D Printables of the Week

This pointy lampshade model works really well as a lamp.

Crazy Cogs is an experimental gear set up that lets you experiment with gears and motors.

A tape measure car is an inexpensive student project that lets kids be creative with designing making and upcycling.

Quick 3D prints and a great idea, shadow puppet theater.

3D Printing Research of the Week

Vascular bone flaps 3D printed with desktop 3D printers. The rise of the use of desktop 3D printers in medical research is a high impact trend. Initially researchers used industrial systems or dedicated bioplotters to 3D print all manner of medical research items. Due to desktop 3D printers being inexpensive they fit a wider variety of research budgets and are therefore increasingly used in research.

What the Muggles are talking about…

The “This house was 3D printed in 24 Hours” article has been widely shared in many media over the past week.

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