I need this, but do I have the time to make it?
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We’ve searched high and low and found the best, most important and most exciting things in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing for you. Our aim with these posts is to give you a curated sample of the important goings on in 3D print-land each week. We hope you enjoy it and do tell us if there is an area you wish to cover that we’re not paying enough attention to!

3D Printables of the Week

Stab an Alien for breakfast.

Stab an Alien for breakfast.

A Plants versus Zombies Pea Shooter, a handy modular jar and an Alien Head knife holder. Modern living will never be the same.

The SLO is a fully 3D printed camera!

I need this, but do I have the time to make it?

I need this, but do I have the time to make it?

3D Printing Patents 

This patent discloses a way to use 3D Printing in skin grafting and skin regrowth.

Airbus has a patent detailing mixing sintered components with ceramics and coatings.

3D Printing Research

This paper details how a team built a 3D printing recycler. These things have the potential to let us all 3D print for around $2 a kilo, this could have significant effects on our industry and pass time.

Examples of Frugal Innovation abound and this paper looks into how 3D printing can be used in the developing world to let people help themselves.

Mutlimaterial 3D printing of hydrogels.  - 3D Printing Research

Mutlimaterial 3D printing of hydrogels.

This paper details the multimaterial 3D printing of hydrogels. If this is a replicable technology then bio printing just took a huge step forward in coming closer to organs and cartilage 3D printing. There would also be applications for this in soft robotics and 3D printing such things as wearables.

This paper details using FDM to 3D print trabecular bone structures.

3D Printing Images & Video 

This video details how kids with microtia are being helped with 3D printed ears. Awesome project, I do hope that they improve their 3D printing skills a bit to improve their ears!

The design, printing and flight of a racing quadcopter, great video if you’d like to do a similar project.

CRP is a 3D Printing service bureau and materials supplier that does a lot of very advanced work in automotive especially in motorsport. They’ve created a new SLS material Windform FX Black.

Using 3D printing to make a prosthetic limb for a man from Togo. Great project, shame they don’t 3D print the prosthetics sockets in Togo!

3D Printing Lego bricks.

Mingda 3D printer has a video of them printing TPU/TPE soles for shoes. I really think that this could be a great breakthrough application for our technology. 3D printed shoes are getting all the hype, but it is in insoles, orthotics and shoe soles that fit and have variable density that I believe the real applications will be. These are already cost competitive with insoles made with traditional methods.

Ready To Crawl is an incredible project that makes robots with skeleton like forms that are made with 3D printing. Some of the best robotics stuff I’ve ever seen printed!

GKN Aerospace has an informative video on how to make metal 3D printed parts for aerospace. They show some great parts such as this one where you can see how an EBM machine is depowdered. A good summation of the business case for 3D printing in aerospace. If you need to explain the advantages of 3D printing & Additive Manufacturing to your boss this is a good start. One of the best videos on 3D printing out there! This bit about waste and optimized parts is very instructive.

I’m a huge EOS fanboy so this quad laser 400m video could just be my desktop.

Rotocasting and 3D printing is a powerful combination and here you can see how they work together to make a stormtrooper helmet.

What the muggles are talking about

UPS is launching a 3D Printing service in Singapore. I really am starting to believe that UPS wants to take on the service bureaus and become the dominant player in 3D printing as a service. I also think that their partnerships pointing to them perhaps wanting to make their own metal 3D printer.

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