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3D Printing News

Behrokh Khoshnevis is a pioneer in 3D printing large structures and is interviewed here about 3D printing colonies on Mars.

Boeing is looking to robotics and 3D printing to automate the production of satellites. Picosats and other small satellites have brought about the idea that satellites don’t necessary have to be highly customized. Off the shelf components and modular architectures can also bring cost effective satellites to market. 3D printing has been used for many years in the construction of satellite parts and in space. The combination of both into a robotic 3D printing automated line is a compelling one and will be a compelling business case for many more industries in the future.

Daqri’s hologram 3D printing method sounds like a very promising way to speed up 3D printing by using holograms.  

FDM 3D printer vendor Stratasys partnered with IndyCar and NASCAR Team Penske.

Fabrisonic has been granted a patent for its Ultrasonic 3D Printing Process. The ultrasonic additive manufacturing process is a hybrid manufacturing process combining 3D printing and milling. The Fabrisonic process can be used to embed electronics in metal parts or make gradient materials for a particular part or purpose. Gradient materials and the ability to engineer a particular material for an application is one of the most interesting things going on in 3D printing because it will greatly expand the design space and capabilities of the technology.

3D Printables of the week

Are you an alien? Then this is the plate for you.

Part of me thinks that this thing is a complete joke but another part thinks it may be the handiest thing ever. A hard hat Sharpie clip.

A 3D printed drain filter that works better than other drain filters?

This no assembly ratchet design is a good thing to have on your keychain.

By using a very thin walled print Christopher Tan made a cable organizer. Many other storage solutions could be made in the same way.

3D Printing Videos
Joel tells us about OpenBionics prosthetics.

DIY Lego from Adafruit

A Masterclass in using the Simplify3D slicing software.

3D Printed fingerboards.

An overview of the best tools to use for 3D printing.

Fraunhofer ILT shows us a combination of 3D printing and subtractive manufacturing to make an automobile suspension component. This is a cost effective possible technology that could be rolled out in automotive.

3D Printing Images of the Week

Neta Soreq makes some unquestionably comfortable and wearable 3D printed shoes with flexible soles. Whereas I do believe that 3D printed custom variable infill insoles and soles are the next application to widely become industrialized, I’ve never really liked any of these couture 3D printed shoes.

Only a few years ago most desktop 3D printer OEMs were building tiny machines for makers, look at the AirWolf Axiom now. I think more and more desktop 3D printer companies will make industrial level machines and try to increase their throughput and reliability.

WertellOberfell worked with Panasonic to make concept versions of the Lumix GM 1 using 3D printing. It is easy to see how consumer electronics companies can use 3D printing to add new and unique versions of products to their lineup.

3D Printing Research and Patents of the Week

3D printing optical components using polishing.

This paper discusses the acceptance of E-NABLE prosthetics to patients and concluded that in their research the interviewees were not accepting of them. This is very strange to me since if one discusses the e-NABLE hand as a 3D printed custom thing to have people are using very excited about the prospect of having one.

The development of 3D printing standards is important since it can lead to us industrializing production in such areas such as aerospace. Without standards manufacturers, certification bodies and industries will not en masse adopt our technology. Standardization sounds a bit boring but is actually a key step for 3D printing.

What the muggles are saying…

Quartz talks about 3D printing your own body parts.



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