The Street Life Industries 3D Printable Lamp.
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Lots of cool things have been happening in 3D printing land this week and this Roundup is your guide to them.

Printables of the Week

The Street Life Industries 3D Printable Lamp. - Makeprintable 3d printing roundup

The Street Life Industries 3D Printable Lamp.

On Thingiverse we have this Mini-NES cartridge sleeve, this lovely lamp and a smart way to level your 3D printer and other equipment. Need to attach a hard drive to a wall? YouMagine has you covered. Or do you need to replace a part on your boxcutter? Syringe extruders are a great upgrade for your 3D printer letting you print lots of new materials such as silicone. 3D Filemarket has a cute cactus planter and Pinshape has a mesmerizing propellor toy. The original 3D printing sculptor is of course Bathsheba Grossman who has been working in making 3D printed art for over a decade. What you may not know is that she offers some downloads on her site including some wonderful mathematically inspired art STLs.

Bathsheba Grossman's lovely Mobius Net.

Bathsheba Grossman’s lovely Mobius Net.

MakePrintable News

Today is 3D Print Amman, so come on by if you’re close!

3D Printing Patents

A new patent for the 3D printing of nanocomposite lenses using jetting is very interesting especially since the team behind it is the Chemcubed team but the patent assignee is a law firm? Does that mean that this was a commissioned research project, for whom?

A sneaky little patent is this one which essentially aims to patent 3D printing recyclebots or any 3D printing recycling unit to recycle filament or if you read it broadly recycling filament. These bots have been around and available for years so I’m not sure why they are trying to patent this. Especially interesting is that the team behind the patent is from Tethers Unlimited which usually develops space technologies.

The nice people at Airbus are continuing to rack up 3D printing patents, this one in Quality Assurance of metal 3D prints and another (by a different part of Airbus!) in reducing cracks in Electron Beam Melting. United Technologies Corporation is also at it in 3D printing metal airfoils.

Voxel8 has a nice cute patent on connecting 3D printed circuits.

Infill optimization of 3D prints to mimic bone.

Infill optimization of 3D prints to mimic bone.

This paper details infill optimization in 3D printing by mimicking the natural patterns found in bone.

This paper details using desktop 3D printers for medical modeling. We can increasingly see desktop machines being used in research and applications that were once reserved for industrial level machines.

3D Printing Images & Videos of the Week.


Stratasys shows off its Infinite Build 3D printing tech (essentially a print head mounted on a robot arm).

A great Et Tu, Brute 3D print but no one can seem to find the file?


What the Muggles are talking about.

Dylan of Dylan’s Candy Bar showcases the world’s first “3D Gummy Candy printer” on Late Night with Seth Myers.





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