Anything at all could be a slinky.
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As the year is about to come to a close we can all look back at many exciting new developments in 3D printing. Home users are becoming much more capable and we moved from Yoda heats to amazingly complex functional 3D prints. 3D Printing materials have expanded to include TPU, copolyesters, filled materials and conductive materials. HP and other industrial players have joined the market and 3D printing continues its march across the planet. The media hype may have subsided but our community is bright vibrant and doing very well. We therefore wish everyone a very 3D printing 2017!

3D Printables of the Week

A 3D printed wall clock.

A 3D printed wall clock.

Looking to celebrate the New Year in style? Maybe these 2017 ear rings are for you.  2017 is the year of the Rooster, celebrate this with these cookie cutters. This geometric MacBook Air stand would look stylish on any desk. This precise 7 gram coffee spoon could become a daily tool for your morning. A working and accurate 3D printed clock is still a difficult thing to make. This tourbillon type wall clock is a beautiful attempt at solving this. Turn any jar into a lamp with this fixture adapter. You can now 3D print MC Escher’s turtle, over and over and over again. With this customizer you can turn anything into a slinky, a great idea!

3D Printed coffee spoon, white.

Will this coffee spoon be the gateway to you waking up?


A nice Macbook Air stand.

A nice Macbook Air stand.

Anything at all could be a slinky.

Anything at all could be a slinky.

3D Printing Images and Video of the Week

This video shows you some of the first 3D printed shoes, collectors are now paying over $10,000 per pair.

Thomas Sanladerer continues to educate with this bed adhesion tips video. Bed adhesion issues are one of the most prevalent failure modes for 3D printers. Our tips? PLA on glass? Just make sure the build plate is clean and wash it with a high alcohol detergent and make sure to not get your fingerprints on it. Works like a charm.

Joel meanwhile gives us his top five 3D printing tips for beginners. Both Joel and Thomas are incredible resources for the 3D printing community.

Molding can add a lot of value to 3D prints, the video below shows you how to make a Batman cowl.

The Make Anything team shows us how to 3D print a macro lens a his camera.

The Piccolissimo is billed as the world’s smallest 3D printed drone. It is not, not by a long shot. There are many more drones like it, only they don’t get the PR.

We have a post here showing you the most popular and most important 3D printing videos of 2016. We also made a list of the all time most popular 3D printing videos.

3D Printing Research of the Week

A 3D Printed Origami Antenna made using Stratasys' Polyjet process.

A 3D Printed Origami Antenna made using Stratasys’ Polyjet process.

Origami and 3D Printing? This paper looks at origami style folding antennas and other electronics. A really interesting way to print and make electronic devices.

Much of the 3D bioprinting research coming out is pure hype. This paper gives a much needed perspective on 3D printing organs past and future. Must read if you are interested in bioprinting or 3D printing for medical applications.

3D Printed metal parts are all the rage at the moment. We know that these parts can be as dense as conventionally manufactured parts but are they as strong? This paper looks at metal 3D printed parts and finds a slightly lower hardness for 3D printed maraging steels.

In DMLS and SLM metal 3D printing many people are looking towards multibeam devices with more than one laser. With those devices what is the best optimization strategy for 3D printing?

3D Printing Patents of the Week

I completely missed this eBay patent from 2014 where eBay in essence tries to patent Shapeways and 3DHubs or any kind of distributed 3D Printing service.

What the Muggles are talking about…

One of the most popular 3D printing videos of the week is this video on how a woman would like to marry her 3D printed robot. Welcome to the future folks.

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