The Gomeco Filaflex articulated doll. - 3d printing patent
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This past week lots of fun and interesting 3D printing things have been going on. The TCT Show is on in Birmingham and printers are whirring the world over making beautiful, fun and useful things.

The Gomeco Filaflex articulated doll.

The Gomeco Filaflex articulated doll.

3D Printables of the Week

This is an open source Infinite Castle, could be useful in many other table top games. Somebody made an automated domino laying machine. PS4 thumb extenders, would seem to be nice in Ninjaflex! A 3D printed version of Snap Inc’s Spectacles, would be nice if people started to customize the SnapChat Spectacles. Are you a part of the small subset of people who have both a 3D printer and a hedgehog? We’ll then you’re in luck because you can now download and print out your very own hedgehog litter. A really well designed and fun thing, the Gomeco is a Filaflex printed articulated flexible doll.

The National Institutes of Health have a 3D printing file library detailing things such as e-NABLE hands and STLs of Neurons.

3D Printing Patents 

This patent discloses how to make functionally gradient coatings using electrostatic spinning and coating. This could point to the manufacturing of gradient structures such as in knee cartilage replacement. This is one of the largest near term possible application areas for 3D printing. 70% of people over 70 in OECD problems could benefit from cartilage replacement.

This is the HP 3D printing patent.

3D Printing Research

This paper details a, “3D printed microfabrication technology to develop a durable, cheap and conductive gas
diffusion material.” One thing GDLs are used for is fuel cells and if indeed they could be made at low cost using 3D printing this would be great news for that industry.

Another handy paper on the properties of printed ABS parts.

This paper details experiments with adding iron, silicon, chromium, and aluminum nano-crystalline powders to recycled PP and HDPE to improve the resulting recycled filament. Many people have experimented, especially with HDPE, and extruding the material is very tricky so this could be an interesting possible solution.

This paper introduces the use 3D printing for the fabrication of ultra-wideband (UWB) high gain Vivaldi antennas. 3D printing technology allows for simple fabrication that is easier, faster, and lower cost compared to traditional microfabrication and micromachining techniques.”

Using 3D printing and off the shelf parts to help people who suffer from sleep apnea.

A nice little overview of designing and developing a new product using 3D printing.

3D Printing Images and Video.

An end to end video showing you the design and making of a 3D printed GoPro mount.

Adafruit has a timelapse of making a teeny tiny catapult.

Agile Manufacturing video by Formlabs, showing you how Agile is being used in robotics.

A video showing you how history teacher’s can use 3D printing in class.

A lot of 3D printing filament claims to be conductive which is often not really the case. That is why it is good to see people test it!

What the muggles are talking about

TechCrunch is talking about using 3D printing to print roads.

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