A Giant Rubber 3D Benchy.
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For this Roundup of all the things happening in 3D printing we have a full size C3PO costume, 3D printed splints, a combined 3D printing/cyber attack and more for you to enjoy and peruse. The biggest news of the week was GE’s offer to buy Arcam and SLM Solutions and we have an in depth article on that here.

3D Printables of the Week

On YouMagine we have this simple submarine motor mounting bracket so you can turn anything into a little boat and also the Nurf Slapper. This tiny Rasberry Pi camera mount could help you monitor your 3D prints and this Skull vase could be a rather Goth way for you to store your pencils.

The Helibri Quad Copter

The Helibri Quad Copter

On Thingiverse the Helibri quadcopter looks like a fun build, this custom Pinky Splint points to many more medical applications for 3D printing beyond e-NABLE and prosthetics. This tripod uses rebar and 3D printing to make a base for a lamp. I think it would be a fun lamp for those looking at the whole industrial “Loft style” type of furnishings.

This pinky splint can be customized for any hand.

This pinky splint can be customized for any hand.

My Mini Factory has simply the cutest Chevy Corvette.

MakePrintable News

We participated in Amman Design Week creating a Makerspace for the event, showing off a arcade game we made and giving workshops. The event was very busy and many visitors visited our stand. We also gave workshops including Introduction to 3D printing Using Sketchup and Blender and 3D Printing 101.

Our Hacktari Arcade Console at Amman Design Week.

Our Hacktari Arcade Console at Amman Design Week.

3D Printing Patents 

GE has this patent which discloses repairing superalloy turbine blades using EBM and DMLS and a way to make magnets using 3D printing. They also have a patent which points to making gradient metals using 3D printing and also reducing temperature shocks to a part. It could be that the combination of these technologies would let them 3D print novel engine components.

Raytheon has found a way to use 3D printing to make munitions, specifically a 3D printed fragmentation bomb.

3D Printing Research

This paper proposes a set of dimensioning rules for 3D printing which will be a great help for people trying to make more accurate parts.

This paper suggests compromising 3D printers with a combined cyber 3D printer attack in order to sabotage the systems that use them.

This paper suggests using 3D printed molds to help engender nerve generation.

This paper proposes using EBM to make MEMS units essentially enabling 3D printed nanomachines.

Interested in 3D printed Fashion? This paper gives a good overview of what is happening.

3D Printing Images & Video

A Giant Rubber 3D Benchy.

A Giant Rubber 3D Benchy.

Someone made a giant rubber 3D Benchy and he printed it on a printer with a bowden tube so, amazing print.

This project combines 3D printing with a 3D printing pen.

This guy is 3D printing a full sized C3PO costume.

Phits insoles has 3D printed insoles and now a nice video on how they’re made in SLS.

Rize is a new 3D printing process that makes easy to move support and Julie Reece shows us how this is done.

This guy is showing us how to make a cheap 3D printer from electronic waste. I love projects like these there is a lot of e-waste out there and repurposing it as a printer could be a great way to let more people manufacture.

Daniel Noree makes some really cutting edge 3D prints including the OpenRC F1 car. In a series of videos he shows you how to 3D print and make a 3D printed remote controlled car.

Flam 3D is a group of Belgian companies that are cooperating to build a completely 3D printed racing bicycle. In this video you can see them 3D print a seatpost using a new Trumpf metal 3D printer. Theres not a lot of footage of the Trumpf metal printers so its well worth a watch.

What the muggles are talking about.

Well the GE acquisition of course.

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