A new Printable by Augustin Flowalistik.
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3D Printing News

BMW and Google invest in Desktop Metal. This start up has a potentially low cost technology to make metal 3D printing far less expensive than it has been.

Siemens, Etihad and Strata collaborate on making 3D printed aircraft interiors. There has been a lot of 3D printing going on in General Aviation (private jets) and behind the scenes in aerospace but now the mayors are moving into the space in a big way.

ComputerWorld reviews the Ultimaker 3. ComputerWorld finds out that 3D printing is slow.

Stratasys launches a new series of FDM 3D printers placed in between their current offering and desktop systems. This seems like a smart move by the company to forestall the Innovator’s Dilemma.

MakePrintable News

We had an exciting new printable, a hollow football which you can use in lots of ways. Augustin Flowalistik made it for us and we’re happy so many of you liked it.

A new Printable by Augustin Flowalistik.

A new Printable by Augustin Flowalistik.

We released a new GPU based repair technology as a trial. This will in the future greatly speed things up.


Your phone needs a LED ring light upgrade.

Your desk needs a fat gorilla or a Cactus.

Your (inner) kid needs a printable Diesel Loc model.

A new type of infill? Construction? Art?

A new type of infill? Construction? Art?

Open Cell structure randomized foam made with Meshmixer and then 3D printed. We’re not sure of the applications for this but they could be widespread.

3D Printed games, why is not more happening with this?

3D Printed games, why is not more happening with this?

3D Printed play pieces for the Santorini game.

A simple spool winder to wind all your spools using a drill.

A T-55 tank, sadly a model.

3D Printing Videos

The 3D printed furry lion was everywhere, learn how to print it here.


A double pendulum?

Stratasys shows off its new F123 series of printers.

3D Printed (Co2) rockets.

The new BCN Sigma has been redesigned.

3D Systems has new software to slice, repair and do your workflow for metal 3D Printing.

Siemens shows off its 3D printed turbine blades.

3D Printing Research

PCL filament used for nasal reconstruction.

Nice primer on intellectual property in the next century.

Multimaterial 3D printed free swimming fish.

A 3D printed prosthetic hand with actuators.

3D Printing Patents 

Two researchers working at FSL3D & Full Spectrum Laser have a patent for enhancing photopolymer resin for 3D printing. The patent is for a post curing baking process that may see stronger or more functional parts emerge from DLP and SLA printers.

What the Muggles are saying…

The Motley Fool recommends the best 3D printing stock to buy and its Arcam.


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