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Welcome to the new year everybody! I hope you enjoyed the festivities and are looking forward to what the future will bring.

3D Printables of the Week

Combining 3D prints with sticks teams of students can construct large structures. This spring operated desktop car is a very entertaining 3D print which lets people understand the possibilities of the technology and now its been updated. These braille alphabet tiles will let blind people touch and play with words while letting sighted people learn braille. This handy customizer lets you make your own signet rings. This could be a handy European  map for educators and this is a very nice vase.

I just don’t know what I think of this exoskeleton mask.

3D Printing Images & Video of the Week

3D Printing Cheese (Why did this take so long?)

Asus has a 3D printing PC customization project.

This is an ingenious 3D Printed RC plane design and project.

This video shows you how to 3D print your own sonic tractor beam.

Organ twins?

3D Printing News of the Week 

TechCrunch reports on the release of the XYZ Printing Da Vinci Nano which has been on sale for a few months now for $239. Whereas only a few years ago you could barely get a 3D printer kit for $239, having a printer available at that price point is significant. XYZ Printing continues to push for lower cost machines and their and Printrbot’s efforts should lead to the market widening.

Polaroid is releasing 3D Printers at CES. The storied brand has been used for many a licensed product and we’re wondering which 3D printer brand is under the hood?

You can now 3D print your own sonic tractor beam.

Canon’s Korean arm has released the Marv a $190 3D printer making this the first foray the large company has made into 3D printing with its own machines. We’re curious to see if this is just a regional move by one Canon arm into the Korean and Chinese market or a much broader play by the Japanese tech giant.

Jalopnik really likes this scale model of a 3D printed engine.

While there have been several attempts at open source DLP and SLA 3D printers none of these projects has really taken off. For some reason or other (perhaps initial cost?) not enough people have been able to coalesce around open source SLA projects to get them to a point where they are developed to fruition. Hackaday looks at the Roobee project which may be the one SLA open source printer that works.

MakePrintable News

Soon we will be taking part in Amman TechTuesdays, if you’re in town come on by here.

3D Printing Research of the Week

Not a lot of work has been done on making frameworks for fundamental analyses of mechanical design and analysis for 3D Printing, this paper aims to change this.

Meanwhile too many papers have already come out on evil 3D printing things, hacking 3D printers and things such as malicious firmware.

Looking to implement sustainable 3D printing in a design company? This paper is a good place to start.

3D Printed Microbial Fuel cells may be a doable thing. A microbial fuel cell uses bacteria to create electricity. This is an emerging technology that shows a lot of promise and is growing quickly.

This paper discusses a copper PP filament.

What the muggles are talking about?

Myanmar farmers are using 3D printing.


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