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3D Printing News

The Lady of Cao was a Peruvian princess

The Lady of Cao was a Peruvian princess that passed away over 1,700 years ago. Using 3D printing her face was reconstructed. 3D printing has been used before in archeology in order to give us an idea of what famous ancients looked like. There is also scope to see how victims of crime looked in order to identify them.

DesignNews is looking at using 3D printing for manufacturing and stronger FDM parts. Desktop machines are already being used for manufacturing and it is nice to see this news percolate to the media.

3D printed car parts.

Car and Driver discusses 3D printed car parts. A lot of experimentation and testing has been done in this area but so far not many start ups have emerged. Out of use, rare or expensive car parts present a big opportunity for 3D printing either in using the printed parts directly or casting metal parts from 3D prints. Spare parts are a big source of profits for dealers and car brands so it remains to be seen if they will join the business themselves or try to sue people that attempt to do this.

3D Printables of the Week

We made a 3D Printable eagle for you for the Fourth of July.

Dishwasher Magnet

This is a very specific solution: a magnet so you can tell people if the dishwasher is clean or dirty.

cable organizer.

A nifty little cable organizer.

Octopus tentacles

Octopus tentacles cake toppers, this is a nice idea that could work with many different designs.

3D Printing Videos

The Cereality has a lot of hype at the moment, heres another review.

GE Interviews Greg Morris the metal 3D printing pioneer.

Here is a series of Sketchup tutorials for 3D printing.

Using 3D printed patterns for metal casting at home.

Many people use PEI sheets as a build surface for 3D printing. This user glues his PEI sheet to his borrosillicate bed. Not sure if thats a great idea?

Quality Assurance is very important if we want to go towards being a fully fledged production technology. Here EOS shows you how they want to add QA to 3D printing.

3D Printing Research

The NASA Centennial Challenge is a $2.2 million dollar prize to create a moon habitat.

In this paper metal 3D printing was analyzed using machine learning in order to optimize it. There will be a lot more research like this in the future.

This researcher found a filament fed way to 3D print glass.

This totally awesome paper gives you a rundown of the design considerations/design rules for FDM Material Extrusion.

What the muggles are talking about….

Potent Rope is a 3D printed edible marijuana  start up.

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