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3D Printing News 

Prodways has unveiled a new 3D printing process. The company’s Rapid Additive Forging method combines additive and subtractive manufacturing.

Xact Metal is a new 3D printing process meant to compete with Destktop Metal to bring inexpensive metal printing to enterprise customers.

ETH Zurich’s concrete canoe wins an innovation award. The team 3D printed in PLA and then cast a fiber reinforced concrete, this could have a lot of applications in construction parts.

TDL Systems hopes to make mass customized 3D printed sandals and footwear.

Viscotec has launched a two component print head to print in two component materials. If this print head would actually work then it would open up many new materials that so far have been difficult to print.

Thales Space has more than 80 3D printed parts in orbit and wants to develop more. 3D printing is a key technology for future space missions and satellites.

A Lithuanian team has developed an ultrasonic 3D printing process. 

3D Printables of the Week

A cute Slinky Dog.

A great classroom tool, an antibody modeling kit so you can show people the interaction between antibodies.

3D Printing Videos of the Week

The Kodama Obsidian is an inexpensive 3D printer, is it any good?

Jay Leno takes another look at 3D printing.

EOS is one of the companies moving towards manufacturing using 3D printing, this promotional video shows you want they want to do.

Generative design and 3D printing are hot topics, this Autodesk video shows us how the Stanley Black & Dekker team use both to develop products.

The Amaze Project is one of Europe’s largest research collaborations on 3D printing. Learn about what they’re doing here.

3D Printing Research and Patents

3D printing has been used a lot for tabletop games and games. This paper looks at how this could help people learn through play.

This paper looks at making high definition color 3D prints using FDM.

Many people have looked at how 3D printing could help blind people. By touching things or adding brail to things it could help them navigate their world better. This paper builds on that by trying to see how we can let blind people 3D print.

What the muggles are talking about.. 

The Scribbler Duo is a dual nozzle 3D printing pen.

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