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3D Printing News

Dutch scientists 3D printed bacteria, plaque and graphene using bacteria. The team modified a low cost desktop 3D printer with a syringe extruder to print in these novel materials. Especially 3D printing bacteria as a 3D printing material or as a medium to alter a material could be significant in widening the types of 3D printing applications that could emerge.

Chinese building 3D Printing company Winsun says it has a billion dollar deal to lease its 3D printers to Saudi. The Chinese company has made some outlandish claims in the past and its technology is unproven but is this going to be a let down or will it let people industrialize 3D printing buildings?

The European Space Agency is testing 3D printing with simulated Mars dust to construct structures on Mars. ESA like many other space agencies is increasingly seeing 3D printing as a tool to extend the life of space missions and construct space habitats worldwide.

3D Printables of the Week

The Julius Ceasar Pencil holder was a popular item but the download for it disappeared, here it is again. Et tu Number 2?

A 3D Printed watch winder for $10 in parts.

A 3D printed shaving brush handle that will let you wake up with the dark side.


A 3D Printed boom box.


3D Printing Videos of the Week

The Nintendo Switch is hot and so are 3D printed accesspories for it. Blunty tests 3D printed Switch stands.

We love Blender and HeavyPoly shows us how to create support structures for 3D printing using Blender.

Want to reduce your printer’s noise? Power supply fan noise control, 101.

Small sizes are still a limitation to 3D printing. Here is how to make a full sized Batarang.

Photorealistic and full color 3D printing is still many people’s dream. Watch this lecture to learn more about 3D printing technologies that give you color.

3D Printing Patents and Research of the Week

3D Slash the fun online 3D modeling tool that lets you slash and bash away at models has managed to patent its cuboid based modeling.

Popfab is a portable 3D printer with interchangeable tool heads that lets it also work as a CNC Mill and CNC Knife.

This paper proposes 3D printing in ice to create instant temporary structures. The technology name? Elsa.

This paper looks at trends and terminology in medical 3D printing.

What the Muggles are talking about…

The world still wants more 3D printed cheese.




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