3D Print Beard I Bot and you will be gifted with a 1000 hours of flawless 3D Printing.
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3D Printing News

This endearing story of a woman getting a 3D printed jaw implant is actually being replicated the world over through thousands of people using 3D printing for orthopedic or reconstructive surgery.

Xaar is a big supplier and developer of inkjet print heads. The company has been working with world renowned researcher Neil Hopkinson and his team from Nottingham University for a while now and is setting up a Xaar 3D Printing center. The company hopes to derive significant revenue from the 3D Printing market and this move will eventually see them commercialize high speed 3D printing technologies. Neil Hopkinson’s High Speed Sintering technology may offer significant advantages over SLS and may let them compete with HP as well.

Designer Ron Arad wants to 3D print a book. Uum..so yeah of course.

The Delago Type S is a super rare classic cars and spare parts for it were unavailable, read how it was brought back to life using 3D Printing. 3D Printing classic car parts is actually a very good business opportunity for 3D Printing which has not been picked up yet.

Strata Engineering, Etihad and Siemens make the first 3D printed aircraft part.

3D Printables

Need repair parts for your RC car?

RC Wheels hot off your printer.

RC Wheels hot off your printer.

So you’ve printed the lion and a dozen spinners and so many satisfying things, what’s next?

3D Print Beard I Bot and you will be gifted with a 1000 hours of flawless 3D Printing.

3D Print Beard I Bot and you will be gifted with a 1000 hours of flawless 3D Printing.

3D Printing Videos

Dutch 3D Printing Store Lay3rs 3D Printed a full sized Ducati Motorcycle on a Builder Extreme.

Several research groups the world over are looking to 3D Print on the moon to enable human habitation of the moon. Loughborough University is one of the leading universities in researching 3D Printing and this is there solution.

The Trendy is super cheap, but is it any good? MakersMuse does a review.

Using 3D Printing to repair a broom handle.

Want to know the difference between Delta 3D Printers and Cartesian 3D Printers (also called Gantry printers)?

3D Printing Patents and Research

Want to know how bed temperature deforms your PLA 3D Prints? This will help.

LED Projector based 3D Printing will have a huge impact on 3D Printing.

Control a 3D Printed robot or prosthetic robot hand with your mind.

What the muggles are talking about…

CNN asks us if 3D Printing houses will be the next big thing.



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