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3D Printing News

The Kodama Obsidian is a new $99 3D printer. This is a new price point for 3D printers and it would make the technology more accessible but at those prices we’re a bit skeptical. The company also sells filament with crushed obsidian in it.

A conveyor for your 3D prints may be patented already.

The Blackbelt Conveyor could let you print longer things and print more rapidly.

The Essentium FuseBox fuses 3D printing layers using electricity. Can this technology give us better layer adhesion?

A student made his own dental aligners using 3D printing for $60.

Forbes tells us how 3D printing is transforming business.

3D Printables of the Week

We made a Mother’s Day Printable for you.


Yet another adorable baby groot.

A simple robot carriage for teaching and fun.

A salt and pepper shaker duo, nicely sanded and stained.

A fully 3D printable fishing rod.

A camera lens adapter for Micro Four Thirds to EF.

Simple and quick print customizable keychain.

3D Printing Videos

Joel takes us through assembling a Raptor hand.

3D Printed DJ Gear?

The MonoPrice Select Mini is one of the cheapest printers you can get, what is it like in its first week?

The OECD has a short video on the sustainability impacts of 3D printing.

Are 3D printed lures the future of fishing?

3D Printing Research and Patents 

Using infrared and FEA to predict FDM part outcomes.

3D Printable stretchable sensors.

Looking at materials suited for 3D printing in space.

Conformal cooling channels for injection molds that are 3D printed to increase their functionality is an oft talked about subject, this paper discusses their design considerations.
What the Muggles are Talking About….

BuzzFeed got 3D printed into action figures. Yeah, that really happened.

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