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Mixed Dimensions launched its  3D file repair tool MakePrintable as an integrated application within the new Thingiverse portal to power Thingiverse users with analysis and repair tools that turns unprintable models into printable ones.

Steps to use MakePrintable App on Thingiverse

Mixed Dimensions plans to build vital partnerships with the leading stakeholders in the 3D printing ecosystem. MakePrintable, is one of Mixed Dimensions leading 3D printing cloud-based applications that envisions to reduce the steps needed to turn a CAD into a physical object.

Thingiverse is the largest 3D file repository with over one million models and community driven content, interaction. Their database of STL’s is what makes it the “Makers” choice and the ideal partner for our technology.

– Muhannad “Mo” Taslaq CEO of Mixed Dimensions.

The integration with Thingiverse will help us convert more files into printable ones while also being able to streamline the process between a 3D file and a printer. Ensuring that more users find ease of use between file and print.

– Baha Abunojaim CTO of Mixed Dimensions.

MakePrintable fixes all the main issues that prevent 3D files from printing. The process repairs solidity issues, flipped faces, geometry intersections, wall thickness, non-manifolds and other matters involved with 3D printing.
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