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Case Study: 3D Printing Service Cube 3DP


 When did you start working in 3D Printing?

I’ve been working in the 3D printing field for almost two years.

Tell us more about your company? What type of work do you do with 3D printing?

My company offers both 3D printers retail and their services. I struggled during my first year of 3D printing finding material, 3D printers, spare parts, and/or cheap services to produce my designs. As a result, I decided to start a company that could offer everything related to 3D printing, from A to Z. We currently offer design services, 3D printing services, 3D printers, various materials for FDM & resin-based machines, spare parts, and repair services.

What type of models are you repairing?

We basically try to repair organic-shaped models that are just surfaces or are not completely solid.

Where do you fit in MakePrintable in your 3D printing workflow?

As of now, MakePrintable is mostly used to repair STL files which are not completely solid.

What challenges do you have in 3D printing, and how does MakePrintable solve them?

The biggest challenge receiving STL files from inexperienced modelers. These files are not printable and they rely on us to repair and optimize them. MakePrintable does a good job with saving us time when we face these challenges.


Patrick Ziadeh
Cube 3DP

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