Cura MakePrintable Plugin
Author: Joris Peels Category: 3D Printing

3D printing is far too time-consuming, error-prone and expensive. By fixing your files we save you time and money. MakePrintable is a tool to get your 3D printing files repaired. We made it so that you can accelerate your workflow. We’ve also looked extensively at how people use MakePrintable in their 3D printing workflow. Even though you can slice using MakePrintable most users are using software such as Cura, Simplify3D or Slic3r to slice. We decided to ask the nice people at Ultimaker if we could integrate with their Cura product because of this.

MakePrintable Cura PluginCura is the most popular slicing software for 3D printing, used by over half of all the people in 3D printing. An open source software package made by Ultimaker, Cura brought simple user experiences and high-quality slicing to 3D printing a few years ago. Before Cura slicing was very time consuming and difficult. Now by letting you repair your STL from within Cura, we’re accelerating your workflow even more.

Cura MakePrintable PluginIn the new Cura 3.0, you can use the MakePrintable plugin, along with your existing account to repair your files in Cura itself. The file will still be sent to us but once it has been repaired you can manipulate it within Cura, set the right settings and print it. We’re very glad to have implemented this new feature and can’t wait to get feedback from you on how it works.

MakePrintable Cura Plugin

You can see the MakePrintable button inside Cura itself. If you don’t yet have an account, you can sign up for a free forever account and use it once you’ve verified your email. If you already have one simply authorize the app and you can then use it. Our CEO Mo said of this important integration:


“The powerful combination of Cura and MakePrintable will mean many tens of thousands of hours saved for Cura’s customers in file repair and failed prints. Both MixedDimesions and Ultimaker are on a path to make it easier for enterprise and home customers to get their files 3D printed. We’re proud to be selected to partner with Ultimaker’s Cura the most popular slicing software in 3D printing.We’re also proud to be working with Ultimaker a company that makes excellent 3D printing solutions for manufacturing” -Mo Taslaq CEO Mixed Dimensions


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