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At Makeprintable we want to make printing easy. We know that CAD and 3D Modeling is complex and time consuming. We also know that desktop 3D printers can be finicky and difficult to operate. We really admire all the effort and skill that people are putting into creating, sharing and printing out 3D printable things. We love seeing models get turned into beautiful things. We would just like to make it easier to 3D print. We see our role in 3D printing as a modest albeit important one. We see Makeprintable as the free service that turns any file that could be 3D printed into one that can be 3D printed successfully. Feed us all of your broken STLs! We’ve been improving our service, our mesh fixing algorithms and our infrastructure based on feedback by the 3D printing community. You can now output directly to Gcode specific to your printer with Makeprintable which will save you time. We hope to fix even more things even faster in the future.

In order to get more broken files to fix and make 3D printing easier for the community we’ve sought out a number of key partners. More partners mean more broken files, more users and more data. Data is key for us because assembling ever larger datasets will give us improved mesh fixing ability. More users means that we can get more feedback and improve our service. So please do complain, make suggestions and give us ideas.

Makeprintable Screenshot of 3DHubs Export

We have APIs for Blender and Sketchup because we are trying to see if we can repair specific STLs generated by those widely used CAD packages. We integrated with Thingiverse in order to let all Thingiverse users easily repair their files. We’ve partnered with Sculpteo and Shapeways to let people print their models. We’ve also integrated with Google Drive and Box to let people easily store their files there. We want to go on partnering with all the key players at the Printables download sites and CAD packages. Ideally we would be able to eventually offer easy ways to repair from within each Printables site or CAD application. Many start ups are building platforms. We however see our role as a free service that platforms and their users can use. Rather than wanting to own a particular space we want to serve the entire community.

3D Hubs Selecting a 3D Printing material

One key partner could not be ignored of course, 3DHubs. This company is a key player in the 3D printing ecosystem. It lets anyone from anywhere order 3D prints from local 3D printers. 3DHubs is a great way to meet other 3D printing people. If you have a printer 3DHubs can offset the cost of using it and if you don’t yet have one then 3DHubs lets you print without the upfront investment. There are now over 31,000 3D printers all over the world on the 3DHubs network. 3DHubs wishes to be a local manufacturer for designers and people wanting to get things made. The company has been a high impact service for the desktop 3D printing community. We’re very happy to announce that you can now directly from Makeprintable get your file 3D Printed at a hub near you. We hope that this will make it easier for 3DHubs customers to go from file to 3D print together with Makeprintable & 3DHubs. We hope many of you use it to print and do give us feedback!

See the video explaining the 3DHubs integration.

Take 3DHubs and Makeprintable for a test drive here.

3D printing is still very far away from being simple, but we hope to make it simpler for you every day.

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