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After a year and a half of hard work, long nights and a lot of sweat, blood, and tears we are finally launching MakePrintable v 1.0 thanks to you OUR AWESOME Beta community (31,723) with over 100,000 repairs! A community of makers, engineers, 3D artists, and enthusiasts who provided us with thousands of feedbacks (5,731 to be exact!), these comments fueled the final look and feel of MakePrintable and added to our roadmap. We hope you like our new look and feel we hope you will like as we focused on making the process more intuitive and streamlined.

Here’s a list of changes, and what to look out for


We’ve done a lot of research to present to you a seamless user experience, an experience that is designed to help you gain time instead of losing it.

Through your feedback, and data we’ve managed to understand your needs and built out platform around it. We thought about everything from accessing your files directly whether it is on (Thingiverse, Google Drive or Box) through getting it fixed and downloaded (OBJ, STL, 3MF, SVG, G-Code) or printing on ( Shapeways, 3DHubs, and iMaterialise).

MakePrintable - New UX UI for repairing 3D Models

Texture support

Printing of textured files is a very complicated process that we wanted to simplify. We designed our fixer to take your models and then generate a fixed file with a single texture, this means that even if you have multiple intersecting geometries with various materials and textures then the output would be a single file that uses a single texture optimized for printing.

MakePrintable -Texture Support 3D Models

Custom wall thickness

Most files fail due to wall thickness and filling gaps or making your file manifold is not enough. So we decide to tackle this issue and introduce a slider to thicken the walls of your 3D file manually.

Enhanced fixing

During the beta, we’ve managed to improve the repair process by ten folds whether it is on quality or speed and this is something we want to continue strengthening until we reach a point where you get your fixed file almost instantly and autonomously with the best quality possible.

Better customer support

If a model fails to fix on MakePrintable automatically, then don’t hesitate to contact our customer support and they will work day and night to get your file repaired and ready for printing, it is our job so feel free to let us do it on your behalf!

We aim to reach a point where we have 99.9% success rate on our automatic fixing process, and this can only happen with a lot of effort from us to learn what your needs are, this is why our customer support team is eager to be challenged with complex files to repair!

Subscription model

We are introducing our business model and will keep a freeway for you to repair your models while developing sustainable methods to ensure that we feed our mission of reaching a one click print solution.

MakePrintable - Subscription Pricing for repairing 3D ModelsI’m very excited about this significant milestone for us and would love to hear your feedback and any questions you have in mind. Reach out to me at @Baha_AbuNojaim or


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