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With every release, I will be putting together a list of updates for you to keep track of MakePrintable’s changes. We are planning huge leaps in Mesh Repair technology and would like to keep you informed of our changes. Since our official launch on 19th of January 2017, we have managed to make a few changes.

Here’s what new from our end:

  • We’ve done a few tweaks to the UXUI.
  • Updated a new home page
  • We are introducing a new referral model that allows you to get more free repairs per month. Click here.
  • We’ve moved the logout and my account section to top right as a dropdown.
  • We’ve updated the icons in the dashboard.
  • We did a few changes to our checkout page.
  • We’ve added an upgrade button the header.

Repair process:

  • We’ve added a few upload functionality to streamline the process.
  • We added a quick repair feature that should allow you to repair without inputting any settings.


  • Internal and external API changes, to support the fix without analysis.
  • Check out our API documentation here.

My app section

  • We’ve beefed up our My Application section to include a contact us, and added more content to clear it up.


  • We’ve updated our Sketchup plugin to ensure it’s compatible with their new release. Get the extension here.
  • We’ve also created a video that showcases how to get MakePrintable’s Sketchup plugin.


MakePrintable’s 14-day Trial:

  • If you haven’t signed up for MakePrintable or have not taken our 14-day trial you, you can always do so from here.

Things you didn’t know MakePrintable can do

  • If your looking for a work around and would like to convert 3MF to STL, did you know MakePrintable could do that for you? We’ve also put together two how-to videos to show you how to repair a 3MF file and export as an STL.


  • Also if you use Thingiverse extensively, you can find MakePrintable’s app inside Thingiverse. Check out this video that show’s you how to repair your things to MakePrintable through Thingiverse.
  • Go directly to MakePrintable’s app in Thingiverse click here.

We’ve released two new Printables one for Pi day we couldn’t resist, so we made a Rasberry Pi case. The other one is a earphones holder for your desk.

We invite you always to help us with feedback and would love to get more of it and would love to hear more of your input.

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