Batsignal for your phone.
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This week there are lots of Christmassy 3D prints, someone patented 3D printed chestnut cake and people light 3D prints on fire.

3D Printables of the week

AN Art Deco Weather Display

A 3D printed, watch chain, Low Poly R2D2, Hot Wheels track, Dinosaur Ladle, Art Deco Weather Display or this beautiful Christmas ornament or this Christmas village may all be just what your holiday needs. If you need practical things how about this jar opener, these magnetic push pins, 3D printed drywall set, GoPro tripod or this cable clip may make your life easier. Or what about this funky lamp?

An image of a 3D printed Amoeba LED lamp.

What do you think of this funky Amoeba LED lamp?

3D Printed Images & Video
Post processing such as sanding can give your prints very smooth results, this video explains how to do it.

Do 3D prints catch fire?

This video by Kuka shows you how buildings can be printed by their robots.

Chinese researchers have implanted a 3D printed blood vessel in monkeys.

Micron3DP’s glass 3D printing.

This Stratasys video looks at how ULA is using 3D printing for rockets.

This SLM Solutions video gives a good overview of their large metal printing installations.



This full scale AT AT Project is beautiful.


Batsignal for your phone.

Batsignal for your phone.

A Batsignal for your phone?

3D Printing Research

This paper talks about using FDM 3D printing to make individual tablets for patients. The idea is to develop delayed release FDM printed tablets that are resistant for a time to the stomach.

Mass customization is a dream for many in 3D printing. This paper looks at strategies for designing mass customization platforms.

This paper looks at SLM and DMD metal 3D printing technologies and compares them.

3D Printing Patents

This seems to be a patent for 3D printing chesnut cake?

What the muggles are talking about.

Lots of news stories about the NexD1 printer which will let you do multi material and circuits. The claims of this Kickstarter printer are amazing, a little too amazing perhaps.



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