3D or 2D?
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3D or 2D?

3D or 2D?

3D Printables of the Week

This week we have a 3D printed cube illusion, and a Make it Climb doll that actually climbs. This elegant 3D printed Kindle stand could be repurposed for real books or other things. Want to out nerd the nerdiest? A 3D printed holster for your Leatherman Wave and round it out with a Boron Keychain. Preparing for winter? This Ice Scraper may help.

Handy and well made.

Handy and well made.

It Really Climbs.

It Really Climbs.

3D Printing News of the Week

Yeehaw is a new 3D printer for kids.

Enrico Dini has been working for years to try to commercialize large scale concrete printing, here is his story.

One of the most wonderful things in 3D printing is the making of customized prosthetics, this violinist is getting a custom one to let them play the violin.

MakePrintable News

We’re continuing the roll out of our new updates and so far the feedback has been very encouraging, do tell us what you think!

3D Printing Images and Video of the week

Magic Candy Factory 3D prints vegan Candy.

Fluid Designer is a free to use tool that you can use to make parametric wire dishes.

The Tiko 3D Printer had a strong team and raised $2.9 million on Kickstarter. Some in the community were a bit worried that there were no fans or no heated build platform on the printer. The inexpensive delta 3D printer also used a plastic unibody which was the main reason why it was so cheap, but the community was skeptical about this as well. This unboxing and first prints video of the Tiko shows some significant issues with the printer. Lets hope the team can repair them in future versions.

Making a working camera lens with 3D printing.

The guys at XRobots have been spending a lot of time making robots. Amazing!

Ricoh has entered the 3D printing space, this video shows off their new metal 3D printer.

3D Printing research of the week

Carbon Fiber and other reinforced plastics are gaining widely in usage. These matrix materials often have a fiber and a resin and have very good strength to weight. They are however difficult to recycle. This paper makes a PLA composite and attempts to recycle it.

Other composite and 3D printing research looks at short fiber composite 3D printing using curved layer FDM.

Using gold plated PLA for cell scaffolds.

3D Printing patents of the week

Glass and ceramics company Corning has a patent on making transparent 3D printed items.

The New Valence Robotics Corporation has a patent for making metal 3D printed parts using electric current.

What the muggles are talking about….

An Ontario Walmart is turning to 3D printing for Christmas decorations.

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